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Default Warrantys can be good, and they can be annoying

I don't know how many of you guys caught my few mentioning of this all over the forum, but when I bought my car it had a strange issue in the transmission. If you'd floor it from 30-35, it would just pretty much drop into neutral. I took it to the transmission shop for a week and a half, they said ahhh it'* ok, wouldn't do it for us. I gave the loaner mini van (97ish Grand Caravan, worked very well to get me 400lb gunsafe here ) back and took my car because I had to drive to MI for a week and a half.

When I came back, I called up the dealer and started complaining of the problem again. They said that I should just go ahead and drop the car off at the Chevrolet/Pontiac Stealership, that they would cover all costs and supply me with a loaner car.

First off, my warranty is very strange. I bought it through the used car dealership. Apparently the dealership pays for the labor fees, and the warranty company pays for the salvage parts. I don't know, but I've never had a warranty or have I ever heard of a warranty like this before.

Anyway, I took it to the Chevrolet/Pontiac stealership to show the 'transmission tech' the problem. I took him for a drive to show him how to simulate the symptom, then handed the keys over to him. He drove it, and got it to do it, and then also got it to lay a good bit of rubber @ 25MPH while doing it. If the transmission wasn't already screwed, after that something had to be messed up. When we got back to the dealership, he explained to me something was very messed up, but wasn't sure what. He really wasn't able to answer too many questions I threw at him about this particular transmission, and seemed to have the knowledge of maybe a general automotive technician, rather than one being specialized in transmissions. He asked to keep the car for a few days. I dropped it off at the user car dealership, they gave me a loaner 94' Buick Lesabre with an annoying rough shifting transmission, and took my car back to the Chevrolet/Pontiac dealer.

After two or three days, I got a phone call explaining that the transmission had to either be replaced, or rebuilt. If I replaced it, it will be a used transmission that would be replacing it. If I had it rebuilt, I had $1,300.00 to play with. The guy said that if something major was damaged though, that $1,300.00 could easily be exceeded, especially if it was a valve body issue. He also explained that the warranty company would not cover labor costs. That just about pissed me off and made me want to knock somebody out. At this point, the used car dealership was closed and I would have to wait until the next day. So I hung up with the guy thinking the labor was going to have to come out of my pocket.

The next morning I called the user car dealership I bought the car from, and asked why I had to pay for labor. They pretty much chuckled and said no, you don't have to pay labor, we just don't want to pay top labor rates the dealer would charge, so we take it to *name not mentioned* transmission and have them do it. That was good news, except one thing... *name not mentioned* transmission rebuilt my transmission in my Grand Marquis and I had taken it back eight times before it was correct. They ended up just replaced the case and the valve body to make me happy and stop bugging them.

So the ball was rolling by the end of that phone call, and they sent one of their guys out to transfer the car from the Chevy/Pontiac stealership to the transmission shop. It took alteast another week and a half for the warranty company to send out a new transmission, and have it installed. In the mean time, the last day I had the rental, I managed to blow up the transmission in the rental buick to the point where it would sound like it went into gear judging by engine rpm and sound, but would not roll at all. Ended up towing it back to my gfs house right up the road with an 87 Chevrolet Nova Compact, whole whopping 85 hp I do believe. The next day the wrecker picked up the Buick, and my gf took me to the used car dealer to get my car back (which I had the used car dealer do my free oil change that early morning).

I got the car back, and before I even made it out of the parking lot, I could tell something was not right. It just didn't feel normal. I took it out on the road... 1-2 shift made my dashboard shake, 2-3 took about two seconds to complete, then I felt the torque converter lock and shake the car @ 33MPH and then 3-4. I think the locked torque converter made 3-4 feel very dramatic. I called the used car dealership back within a few days to say I was NOT satisfied with this new transmission, and they asked me to take the tech @ the transmission shop for a test drive. I kind of thought to myself, 'Wouldn't they have test drove it after installing the transmission anyway?'.

I did so, and the guy said torque converter is locking way too early, and just wasn't driving like it should. I called the warranty company and they gave me the go ahead to take it back, as well as the used car dealer. One problem... they ran out of rental cars. I said OK, well call me when you get them. It was a week and a half longer, and I still never got a response. So the night I tinted my tail lenses, I was pulling out of my garage, and my gf realized there was a huge plume of blue smoke coming from my exhaust when I first started the car, or revved it. I checked the oil, sure enough my used car dealership managed to put atleast a qt and a half too much oil in it. And that was a friday night, service dept was close sat and sun. Sat morning, I called the dealership and demanded to speak with a manager. I asked why their mechanics weren't capable of doing an oil change, and demanded that it be corrected, and that I was not crawling under the car to fix what they broke. He said bring it in and they would line up a loaner car.

It was funny they were able to pull a loaner car out of thin air. This time, I pulled in, I had two guys open the doors for me, and they immediately gave me a set of keys to a 1999 Buick Lesabre. I said while you're looking at that oil level, rotate the tires (WITHOUT GETTING HAND PRINTS ALL OVER THEM AGAIN), and get that new transmission put in there. I kinda of got a look like a deer caught in the headlights.

So here I am driving a Buick Lesabre with yet another shitty transmission. If you put the pedal down more than half way from a dead stop, all you'll get is a maddddd transmission slip that sounds horrible. Also, the door locks lock every ten seconds and the door trim is falling off as I drive.

It'* been nearly three weeks, and the transmission shop still has the car. Nobody can seem to find a transmission to put into it, and whenever I called the dealer to ask about the oil level, they seemed completely clueless as to the fact that the problem even existed. The transmission shop is getting aggravated with whoever is supplying them with the tranny for storing the car for so long, and I am too because I miss driving a nice, reliable automobile (nothing against Buicks, I love em, but as long as they're not rentals).

So this basically turned out way bigger than it was supposed to, but now I feel better that I got to rant about it and it'* out of my system .

Oh yeah, just found out today that the salvage yard providing the transmission does not have any more, and is trying to find another one for me. However, 'it may take several days to do so'. That was apparently last friday. The transmission that'* in my car now has a scratched valve body and the torque converter is producing 'metal flakes'

I should start a poll on how long it will be to get my car back, in interval of months.
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Bro I feel you on the service part I've been having problems with the service at ponitac since day 1 but my warranty is great they pay for everything including labor. They will also pay for the rental car according to how many hours of work there is.
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