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Default Too bad... I like M3'*

I was headed down main street in the valley... Listening to Eminem "Rabbit Run"..
I'm almost to this light and a new M3 rolls by and hits the 4 ways, jams on the breaks and gets stuck at the light. I rolled up casually setup for a nice 14lbs and a smile on my face. Next to me is two punks, prolly in their late 20'*, both wearing polo shirts in some god awefull color, with two girls in the back seat.

They began revving at me and laughing and pointing, so I stayed calm for the duration of the light. Waited for the green and quickly reved it up to 3500, hit the 4 way flashers and dropped the clutch.

Slick bogs his launch as I'm out of the hole top of first, a good car lengh and a half lead. I pulled second, gained traction and hit scramble. Slick in the M3 is hanging right there about a car back. Once the turbo added another 7lbs to the rageing snail, I began to pull another lenght... BAM third gear at 8k, rocking and rolling.

Third gear was unforgiving and netted me another 2 lenghts before it was time to hit fourth. Rammed fourth and pulled another length before I shut down. I hit the breaks and stopped at the next light.

The M3 pulls up next to me, the girls in the back are quiet and stareing at my car. The driver looks pissed and the passenger guy has this "oh **** you just got your a$$ handed to you by a grocery getter" look on his face.. almost laughing at his friend.


me "hey dumba$$, you better return dad'* car before something happens to it"
him "F-u"

me "judeing from the fact that you just got your a$$ handed to you... I'm surprised you can even get it up right now"
him "F-u"

me "I know how you feel, loseing to a "Grandma'*" car. I would be PISSED if some "Grandma'*" car just blew away my 50,000 dollar automobile"
him "F-u and your car"

me "thats' ok, vent.. I totally understand... I would be embarassed to..., it happened to me last night when I ran a Viper GTSR.. it'* ok.. you win some and you lose some.... it'* just not your night"

Light drops and slick being all kewl, revvs his engine and launches his car. As he launches he turns his head away from me to the direction he'* driving only to realize that he'* just launched his 50,000 dollar M3 into the back of a 3,000 dollar toyota gardening truck.

Debrit everywhere, all over the intersection.

I drove down the street and turned around to come back by the accident. The poor mexican driver was screaming in spanish, the girls were on the center divider on the edge of the intersection along with the friend.

I slowed down.. and leaned out the window...

Me "hey, you girls need a ride home?"

they looked at each other and then at their dates.. said something to each other.. and scurried their little skirts over to my car.

I popped the passenger door and they started pileing in.

I leaned out the window one last time and looked at slick and his freshly trashed M3... He sees what'* happening and before he can say anything... I replied..

"It just gets worse and worse doesn't it?"

I drove Amanda and Julie home, got Amandas number and they said it would be kewl to hang out sometime....

Moral of the story... ?? Yes, glad you ask..

You can have a big dick, but if you don't know how to swing that thing.. some other man'* going home with your desert.
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That'* the best one yet.
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That story is any man'* dream.
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Amen..great story, and the sweeties in the back....kick ***!!

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