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MOS95B is on a distinguished road

I eat in my car, I drink (coffee) in my car, I smoke in my car, I occasionally even fart in my car.... And I let my friends/family do the same (except maybe the farting part. I mean, it is my car)

Can't think of anything someone I know would do in or to my car that would be considered a "pet peeve". it'* the people I don't know that get to me. Door dings, scrapes, set you bag on my hood so you can unlock your SUV, break ins, etc....
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NiKo is on a distinguished road

No touching the radio without my consent to do so
No leaning on my armrest, that'* MY job!
No using the passenger side visor mirror to look at yourself. I can't see the mirror that way.
No feet on dash (big rule amongst us, eh?)
No criticizing the driver on his driving. He knows what he'* doing and will get you there safely.
No yelling, it distracts me and I can't focus on the road
That is all for now
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chr0mius is on a distinguished road

1. No food FIGHTS. You can eat, if the pathway of the food ends in your mouth. My gf has this weird thing about always throwing food, so damn annoying, I don't know why she always does it.
2. No fights...I don't like people pushing around and messing around in my car, breaking stuff and whatnot.
3. The stereo gets loud, I know, if you ask me to show you, I don't try and turn it up without asking. I have a remote and steering wheel controls, so it doesn't work if you try...
4. Feet on the dash...just seems trashy to me.
5. Slamming doors, especially trunk. I already had to re-weld the latch on because it had been slammed so much.
6. Setting stuff on my car, on the paint.
7. (My biggest one) WRITING STUFF ON THE DUST SETTLED ON MY CAR. "Wash me!" is not longer funny. I wash my car more than once a week...but I live in a dusty area, and dust shows a lot on a shiny black paint job. People don't understand that this SCRATCHES the paint. Luckily, I was often so its not a problem, but my friends do it and they know it peeves me. Next person who does it...lets just say, I will let my car get sweet revenge.
8. Hit 'n run, anyone who bumps your car in a parking lot, or bumps their door into yours. Pay attention, there'* a humongous black obstacle directly to your left or right, its not hard to notice, and avoid.
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BLACK94SSEi is on a distinguished road

13. crawling/climbing/humping the car

I drove around the area trying to spot them so I could kick their asses
A very long time ago on Halloween night a local kid threw an egg at some guys car. The guy got out, chased the kid down, hit him a few times in the head and face, and soon after, the kid was DEAD. I think the guy got 15 years for manslaughter or something like that. Its been a very long time since it has happened.

I would only stop and get out if there was any damage done, then handle it in an appropriate and legal way.

EDIT: Car rules
No Smoking
No Feet on the dash or seats
Take out what you took in
No Eating
No fog writing
No Playing with the windows
Seat Belts ALWAYS
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SSE14U24ME is on a distinguished road

I only have a few things I don't like in my car:

Don't smoke.
Don't move my seat, move yours all you want but mine is set just right for me.
Don't draw on my windows.
I don't like someones feet on my dash. eew!
Don't ever sit on my car.
Don't leave your mess in my car.
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93-SSE is on a distinguished road

few more pet peeves theese are things people say...

anything like:
"the speed limit is ## you know" YES i know
"how fast are we going"...look at the speedometer...
"what does this do" (pointing at the trip button and othe various gages)
"you have too many gages"
*car passes me* "Are you gona just take that?"
*while parking* "wow, you were close to that other car"
*driving on backroads with slight hills * "did you get any air on that one" no...if i did you WOULD know
*floor it* "did you do a burn out" DID YOU HEAR IT?
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Lowrider0308 is on a distinguished road

dont get my car dirty
dont touch the radio without asking
dont distract me
buckle up
hold on
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OLDsman105 is on a distinguished road

DON'T back seat drive. the more you do that the less I am going to care whether we ever make it to our destination.
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Ryan is on a distinguished road

I guess I could concede "no smoking"
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fantastic88 is on a distinguished road

Everything posted+ no people with b/o and hit he sand off the shoes before getting in in the winter.
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