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Default IRC room, he'* back... (long, but good read)

[11:36pm]Joins: Bonneville9281 ([email protected]) 7 users
[11:36pm]@ damemorder lol
[11:36pm] Bonneville9281 ([email protected]) is now known as ****-Nut
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> so ****
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> how is your B15 civic?
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> taken out any vette'* lately?
[11:37pm] ****-Nut it'* running at 9k red line now
[11:37pm] ****-Nut vettes??
[11:37pm] ****-Nut im onto bigger things
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> corvette'* dumbass
[11:37pm] ****-Nut like McLarens
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:37pm] <Burgundy_Boat> sure you r
[11:38pm]@ damemorder take one of theose puny f1'*
[11:38pm]@ damemorder i hear it'* easy
[11:38pm] <Burgundy_Boat> i'm putting this on the club
[11:38pm] ****-Nut no way they can take my B15A
[11:38pm]@ damemorder for real
[11:38pm] ****-Nut yep
[11:38pm] <Burgundy_Boat> is your B15 a JDM version?
[11:38pm]Joins: Bonneville9637 ([email protected])
[11:38pm] Bonneville9637 ([email protected]) is now known as CivicNation
[11:38pm] CivicNation yo nut, what u need me for?
[11:38pm] ****-Nut i've got a NOSed Turbo feeding a supercharger
[11:38pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey civic, you a friend of ****'*
[11:38pm] <Burgundy_Boat> ?
[11:38pm] <Burgundy_Boat> damn
[11:38pm] ****-Nut i got my quad exhaust too!
[11:38pm] CivicNation from way back man
[11:39pm] <Burgundy_Boat> your running a dry nos system on a turbo and then feeding it through a super?
[11:39pm] ****-Nut no
[11:39pm] ****-Nut dry and wet systems
[11:39pm] CivicNation his six tips coming 8" out the back of the car look Great!
[11:39pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh
[11:39pm] <Burgundy_Boat> how much of a shot on them both?
[11:39pm] <Burgundy_Boat> damn thats sweet civic
[11:39pm] ****-Nut if i feel like a dry shot i hit the button on the right of the wheel
[11:39pm] ****-Nut if i hit the button on the left i get wet
[11:40pm] CivicNation what'* all this **** i hear about riciers suck?
[11:40pm] <Burgundy_Boat> they suck my tail pipes
[11:40pm] ****-Nut and wtf is torque
[11:40pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what you got civic???
[11:41pm] CivicNation i'ma blow you away when i get my car!
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what kind of car, a civic i guess?
[11:41pm] ****-Nut what does he not got!
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> aughing My ss ff
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> when you get your car...
[11:41pm] ****-Nut what do you drive
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> ****
[11:41pm] CivicNation my dad says he'll help me get a civic when i turn 15
[11:41pm] ****-Nut a boat?
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> torque is good
[11:41pm] ****-Nut good for what
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> yes
[11:41pm] CivicNation nothing
[11:41pm] <Burgundy_Boat> a burgundy boat that will kick your ***
[11:41pm] ****-Nut an excuse for not having HP
[11:41pm] ****-Nut or a 15K redline?
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:42pm] CivicNation i can kick all of your asses!
[11:42pm] ****-Nut bet i have more turbos then you
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> 15k redlines are good
[11:42pm] CivicNation how big a boys are you?
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> when you have a formula 1 car
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> but on a street car... no
[11:42pm] ****-Nut no
[11:42pm] ****-Nut just a lot of spoon and tricked honda parts
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> i'm sure you have more turbos than me
[11:42pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what, 5 maybe 6 on that B15?
[11:42pm] Doc-Rasta oh you have then new v 80000000.3 honda engine hybrid man to reach the speed of light faster then a fat mans speedo sinks between his folds?
[11:43pm]Joins: Bonneville3158 ([email protected]) 8 users
[11:43pm] ****-Nut well i only have one on each cylindar in the car now
[11:43pm] Doc-Rasta pj
[11:43pm] <Burgundy_Boat> **** and civic, do ethier of you have JDM cars?
[11:43pm] Doc-Rasta oh even
[11:43pm] ****-Nut the 3 inch pipe on each cylinder isn't big enough for two turbos
[11:43pm] Doc-Rasta lmao
[11:43pm] <Burgundy_Boat> damn, a turbo on each cylindar...
[11:44pm] Bonneville3158 ([email protected]) is now known as Complinitor
[11:44pm] ****-Nut i have a veilside sponsered ride
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what type, T-45'*???
[11:44pm] Doc-Rasta i bet he has a turbo on each wind shield wiper
[11:44pm] ****-Nut no
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> 4 T-45'* on a B15 nut?
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> bigger?
[11:44pm] ****-Nut on the windshield sprayers
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey comp
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> join any time
[11:44pm] ****-Nut gotta get those bugs off
[11:44pm] Doc-Rasta oh cool
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> this is great fun
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey ****
[11:44pm] ****-Nut going 200 with my veilside civic gets a lot of bugs
[11:44pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what kind of turbos you got?
[11:45pm] ****-Nut turboed sprayers
[11:45pm] ****-Nut depends
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:45pm] ****-Nut on which cylinder
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> on what?
[11:45pm] Doc-Rasta i bet he has cal'* in his tires
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> all of them
[11:45pm] ****-Nut well only two match
[11:45pm] Doc-Rasta cool
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what are they
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey comp
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> these are some ricer ppl
[11:45pm] ****-Nut the other two i took off of junked cars
[11:45pm] <Burgundy_Boat> ****-nut here has a quad turbo B15A
[11:46pm] ****-Nut damn right
[11:46pm] Complinitor ([email protected]) is now known as Complinitor\
[11:46pm] Doc-Rasta lol
[11:46pm] Complinitor\ ([email protected]) is now known as Complinitor
[11:46pm] ****-Nut i could pull 3 of my plugs and still take your sissy cars
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> and i think he said he is also running dry and wet nos systems
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> or was that civic?
[11:46pm] Doc-Rasta did i tell you guys i installed a blower on my mo-ped?
[11:46pm] ****-Nut i switch
[11:46pm] ****-Nut to see what i like better
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:46pm] ****-Nut one system has a 300 shot
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> nice doc
[11:46pm] Doc-Rasta yea
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what about the other
[11:46pm] ****-Nut the other has a 250
[11:46pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Cool
[11:47pm] Quits: IDriveATricycle ([email protected]) (Crap Networks
[11:47pm] <Burgundy_Boat> which is wet and which is dry?
[11:47pm] ****-Nut and i have a switch to change the shot on the smaller one
[11:47pm] ****-Nut the wet is 300
[11:47pm] ****-Nut the dry is between 150 and 250
[11:47pm] <Burgundy_Boat> and what kind of super are the turbos feeding?
[11:47pm] ****-Nut an eaton m92 i stole from some stupid le sabre
[11:47pm] ****-Nut its not very good
[11:47pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh
[11:48pm] ****-Nut i dont know why but a lot of air comes out from the sides when its on the engine
[11:48pm] Complinitor Geez, that'* alot of NOS
[11:48pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey comp
[11:48pm] <Burgundy_Boat> it'* on a 1.5L honda engine
[11:48pm] Complinitor ello all
[11:48pm] ****-Nut so
[11:48pm] <Burgundy_Boat> you should go to some gm dealer and steal a M120 off one of those new "crappy" GTP
[11:48pm] Doc-Rasta elo
[11:48pm] ****-Nut you say that **** like its a bad thing
[11:48pm] <Burgundy_Boat> GTP'*
[11:48pm] Complinitor sorry ... I had two windos going
[11:48pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Ummm... ****
[11:48pm] ****-Nut wtf is a gtp
[11:48pm] ****-Nut some kinda baby food?
[11:49pm] <Burgundy_Boat> i got more than twice the displacement of your engine...
[11:49pm] Complinitor Grand Prix *****
[11:49pm] <Burgundy_Boat> and my engine is good old iron
[11:49pm] ****-Nut and?
[11:49pm] <Burgundy_Boat> unlike your aluminum thing
[11:49pm] ****-Nut im supposed to be impressed
[11:49pm] Complinitor sorry ... Grand Touring *****
[11:49pm] ****-Nut well do you have a cam for each cylinder?
[11:49pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:49pm] ****-Nut i modded my engine
[11:49pm] ****-Nut added two more cams
[11:49pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what you got a quad cam 4 banger???
[11:50pm] ****-Nut you don't?
[11:50pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Nope i dont
[11:50pm] Doc-Rasta i thought your model was the 18 cam civic?
[11:50pm] ****-Nut no
[11:50pm] ****-Nut my turbos take up too much room
[11:50pm] Doc-Rasta you know with the single exaught performance system
[11:50pm] ****-Nut no
[11:50pm] Complinitor I have one cam and it makes WAY more torque than any aluminum piece.
[11:50pm] Doc-Rasta oh
[11:50pm] ****-Nut single 3 inch exhaust on each cylindar
[11:51pm] Doc-Rasta you have the air cooled engine right?
[11:51pm] ****-Nut my turbos sound like a lot of vacuums lined up
[11:51pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:51pm] Doc-Rasta oh
[11:51pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hey ****
[11:51pm] Complinitor Sperm cooled
[11:51pm] ****-Nut im running water cooled for this week
[11:51pm] Doc-Rasta did you turbo charge your seat belts? i heard honda came out with a new hybrid seat belt
[11:51pm] ****-Nut i think i might go to a liquid nitrogen setup if i can find one
[11:51pm] ****-Nut no they don't fit in my car
[11:51pm] <Burgundy_Boat> you should port and polish your intake and exaust
[11:52pm] ****-Nut only the winshield sprayers
[11:52pm] ****-Nut i ported an polished my sub box ports
[11:52pm] Complinitor I was gonna rev up the old warp core... any one wanna go for a ride?
[11:52pm] <Burgundy_Boat> hook a bag of sandblasting sand up to the intake
[11:52pm] Doc-Rasta afk
[11:52pm] <Burgundy_Boat> it will port the intake on the way in
[11:52pm] <Burgundy_Boat> and take care of the exause on the way out
[11:52pm] ****-Nut my buddy was gona do that
[11:52pm] ****-Nut hey wehre did he go
[11:52pm] <Burgundy_Boat> dont even have to take the crap off to do it
[11:52pm] Complinitor LOL
[11:53pm] Complinitor zoom-zoom
[11:53pm] ****-Nut does that polish all cylinders and ports and plugs and all
[11:53pm] Doc-Rasta i heard honda'* need to have the cooling fan ported and polished
[11:53pm] <Burgundy_Boat> i remember some guy with an audi did it
[11:53pm] Complinitor everything
[11:53pm] <Burgundy_Boat> great results
[11:53pm] ****-Nut good
[11:53pm] ****-Nut should i pollish my wires
[11:53pm] <Burgundy_Boat> no
[11:53pm] ****-Nut i think they got a ilittle diry
[11:53pm] <Burgundy_Boat> those dont need to be polished
[11:53pm] ****-Nut i didn't pressure wash my engine today
[11:53pm] Complinitor They need their calipers drilled and ported
[11:53pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh wait...
[11:54pm] Doc-Rasta dude!
[11:54pm] Doc-Rasta you need to sand blast your block
[11:54pm] <Burgundy_Boat> acupuncture might work on the wires
[11:54pm] <Burgundy_Boat> stick needles in the wires
[11:54pm] Doc-Rasta i think you should spray quick start on your wires
[11:54pm] <Burgundy_Boat> it will help them relax
[11:54pm] ****-Nut i stripped the plug wire shielding to make them lighter
[11:54pm] ****-Nut they lok tyte
[11:54pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Cool
[11:54pm] Doc-Rasta after all a relaxed wire sparks better
[11:54pm] <Burgundy_Boat> yup
[11:54pm] ****-Nut you can see all this electricity when my car starts up
[11:55pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:55pm] ****-Nut i don't even need half my neons in there anymore
[11:55pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what about that stero you had???
[11:55pm] ****-Nut and with the plexi hood it'* vey visible
[11:55pm] ****-Nut i had 4 15'*
[11:55pm] ****-Nut wasn't enough
[11:55pm] Doc-Rasta your car starts?
[11:55pm] <Burgundy_Boat> what did you get?
[11:55pm] ****-Nut im now up to 6 18'*
[11:55pm] Complinitor I'll be back tomorrow guys... I need to get up and earn some money... the pot just isn't making me enough yet.
[11:55pm] ****-Nut everytime
[11:55pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Cool
[11:55pm] Doc-Rasta cool
[11:55pm] Doc-Rasta most honda'* dont
[11:55pm] <Burgundy_Boat> how do they sound?
[11:56pm] ****-Nut when you say start what do you mean
[11:56pm] Doc-Rasta i mean does your engine turn?
[11:56pm]Parts: Complinitor ([email protected]) 6 users
[11:56pm] ****-Nut i can get the stereo and lights and ps2 on, on that acc thing on my starter
[11:56pm] Doc-Rasta no **** dude?!
[11:56pm] Doc-Rasta wow
[11:56pm] ****-Nut my subs sond nice
[11:56pm] Doc-Rasta can you get your amps at feel power?
[11:56pm] ****-Nut but its hard to hear if you are in the car
[11:56pm] ****-Nut they hurt your eardums once they start moving
[11:57pm] <Burgundy_Boat> did you upgrade the alternator?
[11:57pm] ****-Nut you can't hear until 30 mins of acupuncture to the ear
[11:57pm] ****-Nut i added a couple alts
[11:57pm] <Burgundy_Boat> added a couple?
[11:57pm] ****-Nut i have 10 yellow tops under the sub box
[11:57pm] ****-Nut yeah
[11:57pm] ****-Nut one is just for my neons
[11:57pm] ****-Nut one is for all that crap that needs it in the engine
[11:57pm] <Burgundy_Boat> wouldn't that take like 3/4 of your hp???
[11:57pm] ****-Nut and whatever is left is on the subs
[11:58pm] ****-Nut only if i don't have my turbos
[11:58pm] Doc-Rasta Burgundy_Boat: thats why it'* turbo charged on all seven cylnders
[11:58pm] ****-Nut 4
[11:58pm] Doc-Rasta i thought you have the seven cylnder model?
[11:58pm] ****-Nut anything more then 4 is too innefficient
[11:58pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh {{ gHg t }}
[11:58pm] Doc-Rasta oh
[11:58pm] Doc-Rasta thats true
[11:58pm] ****-Nut and not cool
[11:58pm] Doc-Rasta yea
[11:58pm] <Burgundy_Boat> so a ferrari V-12 is not cool???
[11:58pm] ****-Nut a v anythign just looks stupid
[11:59pm] Doc-Rasta you gonna check out the new turbo three cylnder model civic?
[11:59pm] ****-Nut a ferrari v12 is slow
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> and a honda V-12 is not cool???
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> you knew honda made V-12'* right?
[11:59pm] ****-Nut honda is like ghandi
[11:59pm] Doc-Rasta dude he said v anything looks gay
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh
[11:59pm] ****-Nut i wasn't referring to "the one"
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> so honda must be gay
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> for making V-12'*
[11:59pm] Doc-Rasta oh
[11:59pm] Doc-Rasta sept for honda'*
[11:59pm] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[11:59pm] ****-Nut you can't talk abuot "the one" and other lesser cars in the same sentance
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> honda sucks
[12:00am] ****-Nut who the hell makes a bonnecrap anyways
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> opps... did i just say something about "the one"???
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> Pontiac
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> ever heard of them?
[12:00am] ****-Nut same pontiac that makes that damn azteck
[12:00am] ****-Nut ?
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> no
[12:00am] ****-Nut those things are tight
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> the other pontiac
[12:00am] ****-Nut oh
[12:00am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:00am] ****-Nut im sorry to hear that
[12:01am] damemorder guys!
[12:01am] <Burgundy_Boat> damn, you are thick
[12:01am] ****-Nut whats that mean
[12:01am] damemorder snoop is doc'* girl.
[12:01am]Joins: snoopygal82 ([email protected]) 7 users
[12:01am] damemorder leave her alone.
[12:01am] <Burgundy_Boat> yes it'* the same pontiac you dumbass
[12:01am] damemorder
[12:01am] snoopygal82 leave who alone???
[12:01am] damemorder no ne.
[12:01am] ****-Nut does she ride in a Honda
[12:01am] damemorder afk 1 min
[12:01am] snoopygal82 ok dame
[12:01am] Quits: Allmachtige-afk ([email protected]) (quit: Today is a good day to chat.)
[12:01am] * snoopygal82 looks around
[12:02am] ****-Nut atleast honda has the balls to make a robot, and a mower, and ****
[12:02am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:02am] BonneUrMomInMN dude this guy has problems
[12:02am] ****-Nut what did you say
[12:02am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:02am] <Burgundy_Boat> he said your fuc|<ed up in the head
[12:03am] snoopygal82 how old are you ppl
[12:03am] <Burgundy_Boat> hey mn
[12:03am] BonneUrMomInMN yo
[12:03am] ****-Nut only cause i've been in this damn pontiac chat room too long
[12:03am] <Burgundy_Boat> he has a quad turbo B15 civic
[12:03am] BonneUrMomInMN wow
[12:03am] BonneUrMomInMN i shouldn't have gone AFK
[12:03am] ****-Nut yeah you betta respect
[12:03am] ****-Nut no playa hating going on tonight
[12:03am] * snoopygal82 laughs
[12:03am] <Burgundy_Boat> and the turbo'* are feeding into a M92 super off a le saber
[12:04am] BonneUrMomInMN sorry i guess designing my intake for rat was a bit much
[12:04am] <Burgundy_Boat> you do know the le saber had a M90 right ****?
[12:04am] ****-Nut intake
[12:04am] ****-Nut it'* a 92
[12:04am] ****-Nut i upgraded it
[12:04am]Parts: snoopygal82 ([email protected]) 5 users
[12:04am] <Burgundy_Boat> aughing My ss ff
[12:04am] <Burgundy_Boat> thats funny
[12:04am] <Burgundy_Boat> what did you do?
[12:04am] <Burgundy_Boat> get a FLOZ one?
[12:04am] ****-Nut thats where one my dry sprayers is
[12:05am] <Burgundy_Boat> Oh
[12:05am] BonneUrMomInMN wow
[12:05am] <Burgundy_Boat> and he has a 550 shot of nos too mn
[12:05am] BonneUrMomInMN mach could learn so much
[12:05am] BonneUrMomInMN really
[12:05am] <Burgundy_Boat> 300 wet and 250 dry
[12:05am] BonneUrMomInMN lemme guess steering wheel buttons?
[12:05am] <Burgundy_Boat> 2 systems
[12:05am] ****-Nut how else would you wire it up
[12:05am] ****-Nut the chix i hang with dig the red buttons
[12:06am] <Burgundy_Boat> how does it feel when you hit them when the engine'* at idle???
[12:06am] ****-Nut my stereo goes louder
[12:06am] <Burgundy_Boat> Cool
[12:06am] ****-Nut and i roll a little
[12:06am] <Burgundy_Boat> 550 shot of nos on a 1.5L engine
[12:06am] ****-Nut oh i forgot...
[12:06am] ****-Nut my wet system is also triggered everytime my shifter hits a new gate in a new gear
[12:06am] <Burgundy_Boat> let me guess, the block'* stock?
[12:07am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:07am] <Burgundy_Boat> sweet
[12:07am] ****-Nut so i get a nice boost on every shift
[12:07am] <Burgundy_Boat> what side bottle do you have
[12:07am] ****-Nut so it'* easier to get it up into RPMS
[12:07am] ****-Nut bottle?
[12:07am] ****-Nut i got an extra petrol tank
[12:07am] <Burgundy_Boat> or do you have lots of fluffy whip bottles hooked up?
[12:07am] ****-Nut i have it next to my amps
[12:08am] ****-Nut i have a 22L petrol tank on it
[12:08am] <Burgundy_Boat> for nos dumbass
[12:08am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:08am] ****-Nut i put the nos in that
[12:08am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:08am] BonneUrMomInMN lol
[12:08am] <Burgundy_Boat> so...
[12:08am] ****-Nut dude i gotta go
[12:08am] <Burgundy_Boat> you said a 9k rpm redline right?
[12:09am] ****-Nut when im running turbos
[12:09am] <Burgundy_Boat> just wanted to make sure
[12:09am] <Burgundy_Boat> what about when not?
[12:09am] ****-Nut it'* 14K
[12:09am] <Burgundy_Boat> and you run 17:1 compression with those turbos right???
[12:09am] ****-Nut i don't want the turbos to be worked too much
[12:09am] ****-Nut i can't replace them when i only work for the city
[12:09am] <Burgundy_Boat> how many psi do the turbos put out?
[12:09am] ****-Nut $6.50 doesnt get very far
[12:10am] ****-Nut about 45 on a good day
[12:10am] <Burgundy_Boat> not bad
[12:10am] <Burgundy_Boat> you never said what size they are?
[12:10am] ****-Nut depends how saggy my exhaust manifold is
[12:10am] Doc-Rasta how many hp are your tires filled to?
[12:10am] ****-Nut it'* still white
[12:10am] ****-Nut tires?
[12:10am] Doc-Rasta you dont use tires?
[12:10am] ****-Nut my tires are too small for air
[12:10am] Doc-Rasta oh
[12:10am] Doc-Rasta cool
[12:10am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:10am] ****-Nut they are more like a rubber band on a metal wheel
[12:10am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:10am] ****-Nut less air means less weight
[12:11am] <Burgundy_Boat> aughing My ss ff
[12:11am] <Burgundy_Boat> no profile, litterally!
[12:11am] Doc-Rasta true
[12:11am] <Burgundy_Boat> this is great
[12:11am] ****-Nut you can't even see the tires from the sided
[12:11am] ****-Nut only straight on
[12:11am] Doc-Rasta sweet dude
[12:11am] ****-Nut and then you need the right light
[12:11am] <Burgundy_Boat> so no profile tires?
[12:11am] ****-Nut my exhaust manifold is still white....
[12:11am] ****-Nut is that good
[12:11am] Doc-Rasta yeah it is
[12:11am] ****-Nut it looks like its melting a lil, or sagging
[12:11am] Doc-Rasta no
[12:11am] Doc-Rasta thats performance bubbles
[12:11am] ****-Nut sure hope i don't need the torch to pull it off again
[12:12am] ****-Nut put a hole in my block last time...
[12:12am] Doc-Rasta what did you do to fix it?
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> you welded it on???
[12:12am]Parts: damemorder ([email protected]) 4 users
[12:12am]Joins: damemorder ([email protected]) 5 users
[12:12am] ChanServ sets mode: +q damemorder
[12:12am] ChanServ sets mode: +o damemorder
[12:12am] ****-Nut maybe i need to get an intercooler on each cyl now...
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> Yeah...
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> that might help
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> but why bother
[12:12am] ****-Nut i put a type r sticker on the engine
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> they only Cool the air down
[12:12am] ****-Nut on the cover
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> and hot is good
[12:12am] ****-Nut it helps dissapate heat
[12:12am] Doc-Rasta no ****?
[12:12am] <Burgundy_Boat> remember
[12:12am] ****-Nut yeah
[12:12am] Doc-Rasta yea it does
[12:12am] Doc-Rasta cool dude
[12:13am] <Burgundy_Boat> engines run better when they are hot
[12:13am] ****-Nut i had a couple left over after doing my body all over
[12:13am] Doc-Rasta your bike sounds sweet
[12:13am] <Burgundy_Boat> so the same must go for the air going in
[12:13am] ****-Nut yeah
[12:13am] ****-Nut i run my CAI under my exhaust manifold
[12:13am] Doc-Rasta do you have a tip on your tail pipe?
[12:13am] ****-Nut helps keep the air warm
[12:13am] ****-Nut which tail pipe
[12:13am] ****-Nut i have 4
[12:13am] <Burgundy_Boat> what does CAI stand for ****?
[12:13am] Doc-Rasta the third or fourth?
[12:14am] Doc-Rasta i think it stands for a kind of animal dude
[12:14am] ****-Nut Cool *** intake
[12:14am] Doc-Rasta oh
[12:14am] <Burgundy_Boat> hmmm...
[12:14am] <Burgundy_Boat> ok
[12:14am] <Burgundy_Boat> well anyway
[12:14am] ****-Nut ok i have to go
[12:14am] ****-Nut it'* past my bedtime
[12:14am] Doc-Rasta ok
[12:14am] <Burgundy_Boat> nice to talk to you
[12:14am] Doc-Rasta bye
[12:15am] <Burgundy_Boat> say good Bu Bye to the nice people ****
[12:15am] ****-Nut maybe we can race sometime
[12:15am] Doc-Rasta wanna met up and race my mustang?
[12:15am] ****-Nut a rustang??
[12:15am] Doc-Rasta you'll smoke it but just for laughs
[12:15am] <Burgundy_Boat> {{ gHg t }}
[12:15am] <Burgundy_Boat> say Bu Bye ****
[12:15am] ****-Nut bu bye ****?
[12:16am] ****-Nut was kicked by Burgundy_Boat (your a ricer )
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Hailey is on a distinguished road

Too funny! lmao! I can't believe how incredibly gullible that guy can tell him anything as long as it sounds technical and he'll agree.

Thank you for sharing your conversations with this kid...quality entertainment!
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BonneMeMN is on a distinguished road

He'* a funny guy to listen too....
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Sol is on a distinguished road

Wow, that put a smile on my face.
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Plurr is on a distinguished road

wow u guys thats some funny stuff man i couldnt stop laughing.....but yet its so true how some people are really like that......
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BonneMeMN is on a distinguished road

I'm glad i'm not like that!

I'm a bonneville owner.. Sophisticated.. YAR!
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