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Default Fun on the Freeway!!!

This actually happened a few weeks ago, just havent had a chance to post. Anyways, its about 7 PM, Friday night, and I'm on the New York State Thruway (I-90). Speed limit is 65, I'm doing 75 as usual, V1 on in full-force. I'm headin up to Brockport, NY to see my girlfriend (about an hour). I'm heading west towards the city, get off at exit 45 (I-490) for those of you farmilliar with the area. Moving right along, speed limit is still 65 until you get just outside Rochester, now I'm doing 80 with 2 or 3 other cars (3 lane highway) which still isnt bad. Speed limit change comes up, noone else slows down so niether did I. Were all now doing 80 in a 55 (umm, that can be bad ). We come up over a minor hill, I'm in the far left lane, Newer Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 in the middle, and a Honda Accord in the far right, when BAM, V1 goes nuts with Laser warning, and I look striaght ahead and there sits a Camaro New York State Trooper on the side of the bend, driver'* window down with the gun resting on the door. ****!! I immedietly slow down, and the V1 goes on and off 3 times, so I know he pegged all of us, only question was which one was he gonna get. I see the window go up and his headlights turn on in my rear view so I knew he was coming. So what did I do? The most normal thing any other Bonneville driver would do, stayed in the far left lane and pegged it. I figured if I got to the point where he couldnt see me, he would jsut take one of the other 2

I see the red lights come on waaay back, and sure enough, he took the Jeep out. WHEW!! I decided maybe that was enough speed fun for me for the night, and now I'm about 1/2 way through the city on I-490, just chillin in the middle lane, when I see this silver Bonny SE, FLYING down an on-ramp and merging into traffic. He works his way over to the far left lane, probably 3-4 cars in front of me, and like someone lit a jet engine, he took off! Now I'm thinking, hmmm, baah what the hell why not. I get into the left lane, and push 110 to catch him. Now the 2 of us are hauling some MAJOR *** through the city, but we are outside of the city now (still 3 lanes). By now we've cleared any traffic and its pretty much just him and I. His Bonny was a 96+ SE, from what I could tell by headlight / taillights / exhaust (or lack of duals). Anways, he moves over, so I fugre I'll pull up along side of him. Now were side by side doing about 95, and I look over at him and hes lookin right back at me. Its a middle-aged guy, maybe high 30'*, and were both laughing. I didnt think he could see me beacuse of my tint, so I rolled my window down a bit, and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and laughed, then I pointed up to my V1, and he nodded and gave me a thumbs up back. He slowed down a bit and let me in front (might've also been chekin to see if I was supercharged or not), but I'm sure once he saw my license plates he cleared that up. We both merged right onto route 531 (2-Lanes), still pushing 95, and went probably 15-20 miles at 95-100 MPH. He passed me a couple times and I passed him back, but although it was very dangerous (especially on my 4 brand new Nokian Hakkapeliitta Q Snow Tires) rated at 100 MPH :( , it was still some of the most fun I've had driving on the freeway in my life.

I cant picture being one of those cars in the right hand lane doing 65 seeing 2 silver bonnevile fly past on the left at 100+. Must've been a site to see I was actually starting to get worried one of them might pick up a cell phone and call us in :( but we continued.

We eventually followed each other right into Brockport, slowing down to much more reasonable speeds once we got off the highway (as a responsible Bonneville driver would, were not trying to kill anyone), and finally came to a point where he turned off. He was in front of me at the time, and gave a friendly brake-light tap, and I flashed my fogs. I've never come across him again, but boy was that fun.

I get to my girlfriends to pick her up, and she looks at me with this wierd look. I'm like "what?". She looks at her watch and it'* 7:35. I called her at 7 when I left home and told her I was just leaving. BUSTED!! :( I then look at my own watch to confirm. Yup, the fastest I had ever made that trip before that was MAYBE 55 minutes. Did it in 35 that night

Not really a Kill, but just a fun story. Have fun and be safe fellas, these cars can be great, and so can their owners!!
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Heheh, sounds like it was a fun filled night.

Other Bonnie owners know how to have fun when up against another Bonnie
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Default Re: Fun on the Freeway!!!

Originally Posted by Terminator
I'm heading west towards the city, get off at exit 45 (I-490) for those of you farmilliar with the area. Moving right along, speed limit is still 65 until you get just outside Rochester
I know the area well - went to St. Bonaventure U, and I have many friends who live in the area - and it'* only a 2 hr drive for me (ok, maybe 1:45 )

I got busted once in the town of Rush, coming up I-390 (from Olean, via I-86 and rt. 36)- fittingly named, I suppose!
Also got nicked in the town of Friendship, on I-86 (formerly rt. 17) on my way to my alma mater, back in '94.
You take your life and your wallet into your own hands speeding around those parts.
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That sounds like a lot of fun. No racing involved at all. Just good clean Bonnie crusin'.
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Awesome call on the cop situation.

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I think these are the types of things that happen to us all the time, but never get posted. Good show!
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