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Default Everything we know about upgrading suspension.





addco sells a rear swaybar


the SSEi has a solid 34mm sway bar, the SE has a hollow 32mm. (some have hollow)

and as for the rear bar, Addco sells a larger one, it'* on their webpage, it goes for $220 IIRC.

also you can purchase poly bushings for the bars, Addco sells those as well.


Go to the universal bin for bushings and you will find a bunch that fit. I know in Bonneville Club forum if you type in search you will find a line on bushing part #'* under antiswaybars / bushings. Something like that.


Ok....here'* the deal (with ALL the details for 92-99, all models):

The link kit from GM is crap. Not sure when the change happened, but GM is using plastic spacers and washers on the new kits (verified in person at the local dealer). I think the plastic would give too much, and doesn't provide enough support for the insulators, especially on the firmer SSE/SSEi suspensions. Wanna firm up your ride?

Buy Energy Suspension kit #9.8120RC. This kit is for the left and right (front) endlinks. It'* complete with BIGGER than stock bolts (and shorter, thank god), washers, and POLYURETHANE bushings (insulators). I got mine at Autozone for about $15 for BOTH sides (in the same package....full front kit). Follow the advice previously stated in this thread for install, but the kit comes with good directions, too. You don't need a maintenance manual. Just a good set of ramps and basic tools.

Wanna do the rear? Leave it to GM. They don't sell a kit for the rear. Each individual piece (bolt, nut, 2 washers, 3 insulators) have to be purchased seperately. Combined, it'll run you about $25. I have a better idea. Buy just the BOLT from GM. Get 2 of the 10026678 bolts (trust me, you want new....don't re-use the old), should run just shy of 4 bucks each. Then go to your local hardware store and buy two 8mm 'nylock' hex nuts. Fit them to the bolts to make sure, and try to get stainless steel. Now go BACK to Autozone and buy the Energy Suspension kit # 9.8105RC Bushing set. Comes with 8 washers and 8 bushings (insulators). You'll have 2 extra of each. Cost me $9 (US).



Saner seems to make 00+ sway bars.

http://www.bonnevilleclub.com/forum/...rgy+suspension Thread about my sway swap

To get the front bar out on 87-99'*, I had to pull the tie rod ends to rotate the bar upwards, then it slid right out


Small note here...

The Strut Tower Bar attaches to the Strut towers and helps reduce the strut tower flex which helps make the body a bit tighter, or less proned to flex.... The Strut Tower Bar is the same size on all 1992-1999 bonnevilles or H-Bodies...

The Sway Bar(Front & Rear) is attached to the body and the lower control arms, this helps reduce the body roll in turns or corners which helps handling... Some SE Bonnevilles and SLE bonnevilles could actually be had with the FE2 suspension(same as the SSE-SSEi) some of the 1992-1993 bonnevilles could be had with the F41 Suspension, same sway bars as the SSE-SSEi but stiffer springs... Most of the SE-SLE bonnevilles actually have the FE1 or Soft ride suspension, which will have the softer springs and smaller sway bars....

From what I can gather many of these cars that had An FE1, FE2 or F41 suspension had several spring rates for each suspension setup, so even an FE1 can be firm to a certain degree of really close to an FE2, but it will have the smaller sway bars...

It may be confusing, trust me it confuses the crapp out of me at times... But there were many options for these cars...


here is the suspension break down straight from the RPO

FE1 - suspension, soft ride
FE2 - suspension, ride and handling
FE3 - suspension, sport
F41 - Suspension system, front/rear, firm ride & handling


For the rear struts I used Monroe 81798 at $71 a piece... And the line kit for the air struts AK29 which was less than $5...
I just run them at about 16-21 psi


For 1992 - 1993, you would have to go by the spring code if the RPO label is defunct with the spare tire cover...

from a 1993 Model Year car you'd want front springs tagged
JD These would have the highest load rating

For the rear springs you'd want

From a 1992 Model Year you'd want the front springs to be tagged

For the rears you'd want

Its strange though, the 1991 bonneville used the same rear springs as the 1992 bonneville... The F41 springs are a direct match for the rear anyhow...


Some of the 1G2HX bonnevilles may have the F41 up to 1993 I think...

FE1 has 14.5mm thick coils the FE2 has 15.2mm coils. F41 is 16.3mm


Here is what I found as for the 87 listing... Not sure if it will help you at all... But here it is... This may end up a Techinfo...lol

1987 Bonneville Suspension codes

Front springs, Standard suspension
Code Production # Service #
DJD 14065856 14065855 Highest Load rating
DJC 14065855 14065855
DJB 14065854 14065855
DJA 14065853 14080160
DDZ 14065852 14080160
DDY 14065851 14065851
DDX 14065850 14065851 Lowest Load Rating

Front springs, F41 Exc G67
Code Production # Service #
DWC 14073704 14073703 Highest Load Rating
DWB 14073703 14073703
DWA 14073702 14073703
DUZ 14080173 14080173
DUY 14073700 14080173
DUX 14073699 14080171 Lowest Load Rating

Rear springs, Standard suspension with G67
Code Production # Service #
NZA 25523984 25523983 Highest Load Rating
NYZ 25523983 25523983
NYY 25523982 25523982
NYX 25523981 25523982
NYW 25523980 25523980
NYU 25523979 25523980
NYT 10035260 10035260
NYS 10035259 10035260
MBF 25526963 25526963
MBE 25526962 25526963 Lowest Load Rating

Rear springs, Standard suspension Exc G67
Code Production # Service #
RRS 25530364 25530363 Highest Load Rating
RRR 25530363 25530363
RRO 25530362 25530363
RRN 25530361 25530361
RRM 25530360 25530361
RRL 25530359 25530359
RRK 25530358 25530359 Lowest Load Rating

Rear springs, F41 suspension Exc G67
Code Production # Service #
RRZ 25530356 25530355 Highest Load Rating
RRY 25530355 25530355
RRX 25530354 25530354
RRW 25530353 25530354
RRU 25530352 25530352
RRT 25530351 25530352 Lowest Load Rating

00+ SE'* dont have rear sway bars.

00+ does not need or use a front Strut Tower Brace

First step would be to take in to a dealer or someone with a Tech 2 and have them set the Magnasteer to the "MORE FIRM" setting. I was happy with the increased handling and the response is quicker, Start there, cheapest and easiest, next I'd look into DP parts.


You can get lowering kits and torsion bars from www.domesticperformance.com

The biggest I've ever seen is the set in my shed, 16.342mm (F41 springs)

Yup. Springs with a coil width of 16.250mm or greater, ~34mm front sway bar, ~22mm rear sway bar. It'll be nice. Replace all the insulators and mounts while you're in there and an F1 car will look twice lol

Parts you can buy:

Energy suspension sway bar end link set... 9.8120RC (you need two)
2 GM PART # 10026678 bolts
two 8mm 'nylock' hex nuts
Energy Suspension sway bar Bushing set... 9.8105RC

Sway Bars:
SSEi stabilizer bar: GM PART # 14081409
Bushing (you need 2): GM PART # 14086877
SSEi stabilizer bar: GM PART # 25559836
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Originally Posted by Damemorder
Not everytime I is said is it me talking

Nice compilation there!!
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For the record, I don't see anything on RSM'* site for front and rear STB'*. At least not for Bonnevilles.
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Yup, seems RSM doesn't make anything for us suspension wise anymore. Some of this stuff is from 1969.. lol It'* got a little of 99bonnevilleSE and Deathrat in there, and Ty, But it'* all so far back that it all needs double checked. But it is nice leads. http://www.sanerperffab.com/ does do custom sway bars and urethane bushings
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Does anyone know about an Air ride Suspension? I know about the front kit and Am working on getting it! The back is where the confusion sets in! I have an air adjust rear and my pump went out! I want to make it a full air ride adjustable suspension, but I can not find a kit for a bonneville w/ air rear! Is there a kit out there or what has to be done to make it work without sending codes??? PM me and let me know if anyone seriosly knows something!
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