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If it were my choice, I don't care if the SSEi was $2,500 more than the SE. I'd get the SSEi. And it has less miles too. And it sounds like a pretty fair price. Does it have the white wheels too, or gold? How'* the body, any rust? Good luck, I hope you get what you want!
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you need to be careful of superchargers, espeically on older cars with higher kms. I'm wary of them sometimes they can be more problems then they are worth...I posted this in another thread, but I don't know if you got a chance to see it or not. or if you are interested....lemme know....just a thought i am winging out.

Hey!! I've got a 95 (SE though) with only 145k miles on it for $3375 US. The only thing is, i'm in Ontario. However, i know there'* someone from MN coming down for a meet here at the end of June...you could get it if you wanted it then and drive him on home! Let me know...(he'* green with grey cloth and i just want a good home for him where he can still be a part of BC)
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Originally Posted by BonnieBoiMN
Ever run your SSEi without Premium? What is it like then? What about Middle grade (91 octane here in MN). Middle grade in mankato is the same as the cheapest 89 or 87. I know you lose performance and knocking might occur but is it acceptable/fine/horrible/explodes on first fire? I don't mind the extra dollar or two on each fillup, its not like im gonna loose sleep over that. If i can get the supercharger im gettting it... no questions asked, but if my parents dont wanna go for the $4k car im stuck with either an SSE or SE, not complaining, i just want to say i have a blower and that extra jizz incase i find worthy compettion..
We ran ours with 89 a few times and it sucked! It shuddered a lot, lost power, and we didn't know it then but now do because of some great info we got here, we were at a higher risk for detonation and (*gasp*) pre-ignition. Not worth it IMO...go premium if you get an SSEi.
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No SSEi left in the price range, if i get the SSE, i can run whatever gas, and i can pay it off now instead of at the end of next summer. I'd prefer to have an SSE with stuff like a CAI and nice burbly exaust over a stock SSEi anyday. Although it is nice to say you have the only car with 4 letters for the trim name But that SSE was white and had silver wheels, it was supposedly at this bargain auto exchange in chaska, and it was no where to be found. I wasnt going to do business with them either. It was a dealer (if even that) made for illegal immigrants right off the boat.... Anyways i'm going to drive, and check out that SSE on monday, it'* a private seller so i know it'* there, and maybe even have my mechanic look at it then if possible. Anything i should look out for on it? Car looks great, has sunroof leather, power everything, keyless i believe, and it'* green with green alloys or hubcaps (i'd like alloys but who knows) Original owner, and a private seller (both what i want). Thanks for all your help, i woulda preffered the supercharger but this is a better overall car, the other one didn't have leather, and sunroof. After all, what good is a fast car if it isn't all loaded in the first place? Gotta have fun, comfort, and style!
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I'd go with the car with tha most options,
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