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only 17 :P ..alot of my friends have pretty nice cars ..but they all respect the SSEi (how can they not after the ***-raping that was caught on tape with the accord ) ...there is a bonneville in my area that i have seen once that is red and it has some weird custom body kit that looks PIMP ****!!! i glanced and it passed by and my jaw dropped.. i couldnt draw what it looked like but it was gorgeous and obviously he got it custom done. I always figured AED would branch off on to bonne'* , considering they make them for GP'* now. That would be gorgeous
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I too must be an old FART , I'm (44), bought the Bonni when I was (39) to replace a "87" Mark VII LCS with the Darth Vader Blackout treatment, Vortec (R)SC (425 HP), Lowered 2in, Subframe connectors, Koni Gas adjustable shocks, Flowmaster, MSD, etc. yada yada... When it was totaled (playing NASCAR on the 405 Fwy, 85mph to 0, back to 85mph, the guy behind brakes not as good as mine ) they gave me $2,800.. Hell the SC kit cost $4,300 alone (took it off before they took the car). The Mark VII LCS replaced a "85" Euro BMW 635 CSI, that had a beautiful $2,500 ZENDER Body kit (F and R Bumper kit, Side skirts, Rear wing) and a $3,000 Glas-O-Max paint job, $2,800 worth of BBS 3 piece wheels (chromed). It too was totaled when Bozo the clown turned Left against a red light in front of me. Pay off $16,000.

Lesson learned, quit putting more money than the Fu%^&*g Insurance co. will give you. So now I drive a nice Bonni that out accelerates the Beemer, out handles the Hot Rod Lincoln, gets 420 mi to a tank of gas going to Arizona at 85mph the whole way, can cruise at 115 mph for mile after mile in the company of a Nissan 300zx, Porsche 911SC, Vett, and one big *** MBZ (a 500 I would guess) on the way to Colorado River at 3:00 am on an empty Hwy.

So, no Body Kits or Bad-*** paint jobs for this Bonni, no killer motors, or Road Race suspensions, just some nice wheels, tinted windows (so they can’t see laughing when I smoke your average ricer ), some minor performance upgrades, an nice exhaust note. As a side bonus, I have not gotten one ticket in the 5 years I have owned this car, the Beemer (5) tickets in (5) years, the Lincoln (6) tickets in (5)years, the last one the cop told me that he picked me out of six cars speeding just because the car looked EVIL… Have I changed my driving style?… Don’t think so… I guess you’re typical Bonni owner is just a better citizen than others…..
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All Ya'll old farts back off of us youngens!! lol. Im 17 and drivin a 97 SSE and LOVIN IT!!! fully loaded, these cars are awesome... not only does it rape most cars in races, it doesnt attract cops... yet... im still building my reputation.. lol. So far i've put a system onto my bose system, and debadged the car... its Dark Green, so it looks sweet. Next i want to tint my windows and get exhaust... im also looking for a cheap way to bump down my 0-60 time... any suggestions?? after all.. .you 47 year olds should have some sort of experience with this sort of stuff!
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So, we know that the average age of Bonneville owners is 47 or somthing like that, anyone know the average age of BonnevilleClub members? Maybe a poll is in order?...
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17 with a Dark Green '93 SSE. Everyone else i know drives cars that are in worse condition than mine and drive slower My brother has an '85 Honda CRX and not in the best of shape either
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