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Default 94' Bonne SSEi Vs. Camaro (Standard)

Well first for some back ground:

I was once a middle linebacker for my football team, but i had a major back injury and I now can never play again. I had to find a new sport, sooo after a long look I found "Fencing". No this doesn't mean that I go out and see who can put up a fence the fastest! What i am talking about is swordfighting. Only thing is, it is a 30 minute drive one way from my house. So every Tuesday and Wednesday night i head on out in my Bonne. 30 minute drive up in the day time, not much happens.... but on the way back. It'* usually around 8:00pm and it'* open highway with usually just me and a few other drivers out there. Always good for adventure!

So the story begins...

It was 8:20 in the PM when I set out from my Tuesday fencing lesson. As I walked through the parking lot to my car I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that need to get to my car and test her out on the open road on the way back. This would be my first real experience in pushing her into high speeds. I already had the adrenaline from fencing still pumping through my vains when i started off on the long stretch of road heading back home. Now, it was time to see what the car could do.

First I did the necessaries... that is I put in a Ramstein cd, cranked up the volume/bass, and gunned it from 0mph. I was looking at the RPMs and MPH trying to see when it shifted into the next gear in both respects. I had to do this a few times because, as you no doubt have found, this baby shifts smoooooth.

Bout half way home another set of headlights appear in my rearview. I was doing about 85 and he was gaining on me. Now one thing you should know, this road home has many well positioned lights... perfect for racing . I decide to let him come up with me so we can... talk ... at the next light. Well the time soon comes, here we sit at the red light. I still have my music cranked so much even his car can feel the vibes. He rolls down his tented windows and gives me a look and nods toward the road infront of us. I take a look at his car, trying to measure it up with the little knowledge I have of cars. It'* no doubt a Camaro, i don't know what year but i later found out it was a stick by the way it shifted. Everything looked to be stock, which was fine by me because I am as stock as it gets . I give him a smile and reved the engine up a bit to make sure he knew I was willing. I can tell he thinks he has me. The light seems to take forever, and i have a deep urge to give him one last look before we gun it. I resist though, because i know there is a chance i will miss the green if i look. I settle back in the seat, turn the music up a little louder and then as the green light floods the car I ease my foot onto the gas a little to start the wheels rolling...and then it'* pedal to the metal!!

Initially I jump out ahead, I could tell he wasn't gunning it as much as I was because he though he had me in his back pocket... When i started pulling ahead though he kicked it into high gear.... I said hello to overdrive as it kicked in and waved good bye to the dude in the Camaro. We were both hauling and he was getting smaller in the rearview. I let off the gas a little and then gunned it again. I pulled out in front a good ways, but had to cut out before a second encounter because my turn off was suddenly looming ahead of me. So to celebrate I stopped by Jack in the Box and got me a BACON ULTIMATE CHEESEBURGER!!!

Anyway that was my first real kill that was very exciting for me.
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Congrats....to the bowtie blow-out
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Mmmmm....makes you feel all warm inside doesn't it?
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Go Team Go...!!

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Nice one.
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