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Default 91 SSE 3.8 vs 96 GA 3.1

The cars....

1991 Bonneville SSE 3.8L V6
165 hp, 220 lb-ft (see sig for mods)
Curb Weight 3601lbs

1996 Grand Am SE 3.1L V6
155 hp, 185 lb-ft (no mods)
Curb Weight 2954lbs

Ok... so the other day my friends and I went down the south shore, for 2 main reasons... Mark just got his license (he'* 24), and he'* itching to take his 96GA out ... and two... I have my digital camera... it'* an awesome day.. and I wanted to take a lot of pix.

Mark & Andrew are in the GA, and Shawn and I are in my Bonnie. Mark doesn't know his way around, so he follows me most of the time.

After around 3hrs of cruising we decide to head back.... Mark says he wants to race me back to Halifax (which is around an hour away at highway speed).

So anyways, he tears out of the parking lot we were in and makes a run for the highway.... he'* got nothing going for him.

A) New driver
B) Doesn't know the area
C) He'* not driving a Bonneville

So anyways we are coming up on the exit to the highway.... and he drives right past it.... ROFL... I take the ramp, and I'm on the highway and gone before he has time to turn around and get on the on-ramp.

I set my cruise control to 125kph. After around 10mins I see this car making it'* way up.
Now ... I should mention that this is only a 2 lane highway (1 coming 1 going), and passing lanes are few and far between. It'* very hilly, lots of dips.. so it'* kinda dangerous to pass at times.

I liked toying around with him, I'd wait until we got to a passing lane, slow down (causing Mark to slow down), then hit it, and pass 6 or 7 cars, coming out in front. Mark would try, but end up only passing 2 or 3 cars.

When we got close to Halifax, we got a 4 lane highway, that'* when the speed picked up. Mark had that GA going 160+, I was doing 170+ inorder to keep ahead of him.

Now we were going to Andrew'* house, there are two exits to Halifax.... the 2nd exit is the one I know Mark will probably take, but the 1st one is a quicker route to Andrews.

I start to let Mark pass me as the exit was coming up, he got to my back bumper when I cut it hard and went for the exit.... .... well he cut too and nearly fish tailed his car into the side rail.... I honestly thought he wouldn't try it.

Later that night when we left the city, Mark letf around 5mins ahead of me.
When I got to the highway, I phoned and ask him what marker he was at, he told me (he was 3kms ahead of me) but he was racing some white rice car... was unsure what it was.

So I tramped on the gas, and brought her upto 175.... the highway was empty so it was ok. When I could see them, I told Mark to pull in behind the car, he did... I gave the Bonnie some more gas, and I blew by them at around 190+. The white car (Accord I believe) just gave up.... he dropped his speed back down to 110kms.

When Mark and I got back to Sackville, we did 2 red light starts, I beat him both times (even with me tranny as bad as it is). I was kinda proud of my Bonnie, beating a 3.1 V6 GA 5 years newer then her.

Mark has since requested that I take him out driving in his GA, so he can learn how-to properly drive.
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good to see you teaching the new kid on the block what he is in for
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Kinda dangerous, but you had to do what you had to do. My bro has a 97 GA GT with the 3.1. It doesn't have much.
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yeah 3.1 is just weak IMHO, drove a couple, a monte and an older olds cierra 94 i think, the olds had nothing in it at all, and montes were a lil better but not much.
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C) He'* not driving a Bonneville

..way to teach him how it'* done

my bud just bout a 3.1 95 GP and it'* got some pep in it...but just for a few seconds. Post 35mph its kinda weak... but i'm used to an L67 so it'* hard to judge Either way , it'* a pretty slick car with alot of potential so i give it to him.. but i love the Bonne.

btw, nice kill.
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i thought i was crazy.....
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