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Default Stuttering boost- Help

I have been absent from here for quite a time, due to very serious health issues suffered by family members (father, mother, and wife).

Anyway, I still have the SSEi, but have driven it little the last 2 years because I inherited a low mileage Park Avenue Ultra.
About two months ago I started driving the SSEi again, since the dreaded intake flaw struck the Buick at 35K miles and I’ve been too busy to fix it.
Several days ago, the Pontiac started acting up. It starts and idles as perfectly as ever, and runs like a champ up to the time the boost gauge passes “0”. As soon as any boost is present, the car shudders and the engine “stutters”.
With my air intake setup, the */C can really be heard, and now that sweet sound has, for better words, a stutter as well.
I can drop into a lower gear and get the RPM’* up and the car pulls maybe 80% as strong as before.
The first time this happened, the amber “check engine” appeared along with the “traction off” light. The engine light has stayed on, but the trac light only comes on after a boost/stutter episode (at any speed), and goes away eventually.
I tried disconnecting the battery and flashing the computer. No trouble lights until the next stuttering occurred. The check engine light has remained on since, and the trac light appears for a time after a "boost stutter", if I get on it more than gently.
The boost gauge seems to indicate a little more boost than normal. When I stab the throttle it will almost peg out, and fast, when before, it never got over the 7 1/2 PSI mark.
No loose wires or vacuum leaks could be determined. The car has 146K miles.
Any time saving suggestions will be greatly appreciated, as I have a terminally ill mother to tend to, and a wife who just got out of intensive care TODAY, and will hopefully come home soon, ready to drive the Bonneville!
Thanks in advance........
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I'm not familiar with a boost problem related to the traction control. My guess is that wheel speed sensors may be going haywire, killing the traction control, and making the PCM do funny things with the boost control. But the boost gauge pegging is weird to me.

Stuttering itself can be boost dumping (has happened to me), starved fuel supply (has happened to me), or an ignition related miss.

Ooh, thought, high boost conditions can be caused by a clogged catalytic convertor.
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if you see the SES light on again pull the codes and post them here...that will give us an idea of what the PCM doesnt like going on
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The best thing is to get the car scan but one thing you can try that is easy and cheap,

wash your MAF sensor and IAT sensor.

Mine was doing something similar. Good idle but cant hold it at WOT or strong acceleration.

The last thing i tried was to wash the MAF and IAT, and now it run like a charm.

If you need info on how to do it feel free to ask.
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