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Hey turtle,
Running 21 lbs on low settng and 26 on high. How'* that sound?
Injectors are 55lbs, and the throttle body is only 58mm.
Your wondering what the *$ck???? Aren't ya? Well, I wish it was on my Bonneville SLE, but I'm talking about my friends new setup in his 1986 Shelby GLHS (1 of 500 Dodge Omni GLH Turbo'* modified by Shelby at his Skunkworks plant in Whittier, CA.
JE pistons, Clevite bearings, Seal Pro rings, forged shot-peened rods, and forged crank are what hold'* the bottom end together. The top end is a customized DOHC from a Maserati TC (Chrysler Lebaron shortened and modified by Maserati in 1989-1991) All in a 2.2L engine force-fed by a Turbonetics/Garrett T3 with a .63 ar., 3" swing valve, Forward Motion header, 3" down pipe, 3" straight pipe with one mandrel bend exiting just before the left rear tire.
Have yet to run it at the track, but G-tech Pro show'* 11.1 @128mph and that'* on 225/50/16 Yokohama street tires and on the low boost setting.
Yes, I almost crapped in my pants even with him shifting at only 4500 rpm (redline with current setup is 7250) in the low boost.
Anyhow, to get back to our H-bodies, what are you running for boost -I am very hungry for knowledge with the project I am working on here for my SLE (hint hint -I have a few Shelby Dodge part'* cars, and a couple have some nice big spooler'*).
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Originally Posted by willwren

I love that fruit. Reminds me of Drifter.
Hee hee.. that'* what I get in my pants everytime I see Muffin hahahaha...

Listen Mustafa... I noticed lately you've been pullin a WREN and Stimpy rendition on a few posts... "YOU EEEDIOT" lol...

AS for the 3.4 you should be able to get it.. I talked to a few GTP owners last summer and they said they're running 3.25 all the time.. and nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you get Premium fuel and gapped the plugs to ( o crap.. I forgot.. .40? ) Again this is hear say as I"m awaitin for some $$ and see what PUlley system would be available then. They basically said going under that you'll loose boost from heat and overkill.
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Thanks for the feedback.
I think I'll stick with the 3.4" until I install the headers, then I'll switch to the 3.25".
I'm happy enough for now with the added power.
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You're still getting the air volume in a situation like GTX is talking about, but it'* like blowing air into a ballon with a small hole in the other end. You're going to read less pressure, but the volume is still there, and you still benefit from the swap.
Yeah, on the GP forum we call this boost stacking. Thats when the engine doesn't flow good enough so the air pressure builds up in the intake manifold, and it isn't actually being put to good use because it is being backed up, so if you free up the exhaust or your valvetrain boost will go down, but you will be making more power. If you run more than 7 or 8 psi with a 3.4 pulley, you are boost stacking. But it will still help to go to a smaller pulley even if you are boost stacking. My moms SSEi has a completely stock exhaust, and before the rockers I believe the autotap read at least 11psi with a 3.4 Pulley. It was also seeing 7KR too.

I talked to a few GTP owners last summer and they said they're running 3.25 all the time.. and nothing wrong with it.
Yes, and those GTP owners were either modded other than the pulley, or got lots of KR. My dad got KR with his GTP with a 3.25 until he got a Full Exhaust (headers all the way back to cat-back). Now he has an Intercooler and runs a 2.76" Pulley and he sees 13.9psi, but he also has LOTS of mods.
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