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Default Dispelling a myth:

A recent comment was made explaining the octane boosting benefits of using Methanol in your water at a 50/50 ratio (maximum value generally accepted). Let'* clear the air on this one.

Let'* assume a WI flow rate of 200cc/min (middle selection at Snow Performance) even though most of us won't run that size nozzle for WOT use. We'll err on the OCTANE myth side. Only half your mix is Methanol. Octane of Methanol varies greatly from reference to reference and brand to brand. 109 octane is the maximum listed that I could find in a short search.

So we're flowing 100cc/min of 109 octane methanol through our nozzle.

Now let'* look at the injectors. Using a Series 1 for reference (since thats what I know best), my injectors max out at 250cc/min according to this: http://www.witchhunter.com/injectorcalc1.htm
Multiply the result by 6 injectors and you get 1500cc/min.

So we basically have a situation where the fuel is outflowing the methanol by a ratio of 15:1. This makes the calculation simpler.

Starting with 92 octane, a 15:1 ratio of 92 octane gasoline to 109 octane methanol nets a final octane rating of 93. And this was being generous in injector nozzle size AND octane of Methanol.

Your typical results will be a 0.5 octane improvement at best.

Want to boost octane? Use Toluene like some of us do. Don't choose Water/Methanol injection to boost octane. Use that for it'* other proven benefits OTHER than octane boosting.

It'* alot cheaper and more effective to boost octane through other means.
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Will, I was wondering what a good starting point for toluene/ gas mix, always have been nervous about using without a knowledgable opinion as to mix ratio I do see much improvement putting sunoco 93 in mine and wonder if a little toluene would help even more.
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thanks for the explanition Bill.....clears up everything
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In gasoline engines, as with any intercooler, this suppresses detonation so more power producing boost and timing can be utilized. Water, with its high latent heat of vaporization cools the intake charge and combustion. Methanol cools the charge and combustion but also acts like an extremely high octane fuel (some researchers claim as high as 120 octane) as well as adding more oxygen to combustion.
Snow'* statement may be a little far reaching.
I agree with the science and logic of Bill'* argument.

I spoke personally with one of the Snow Performance Engineers. For my Bonne, and he asked specific questions like Boost range, weight of car, injector size 36 lb/hr and 1/4 mi times for hp estimation, he selected the 375 ml/min. He was confident this is the optimum size.
This may be a bit more volume of alcohol to fuel ratio because I think Bill has a small injector.
Oh and I couldn't resist trying some of the Boost Juice that can be added to the 50/50 mixture for +50 hp boost.
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