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Default Scanned twice, different codes.

Well, I've had my SSE scanned more than once for codes. Probably a total of 5 or 6 times in a little over 1 month of ownership. Anyhow, in all those scannings I've had codes. Whether there was 1, 2, 3, or 8, the only one'* that are the same are P0171 (front Bank lean -#1 o2 sensor) and P1811 (Maximum Adapt and Long shift -Purge Canister solenoid).

I only scanned once since I did a soaking of my TB with Sea Foam Deep Creep. I don't think I let it soak/dry long enough as I had to leave for an appointment about 7-8 minutes after spraying 3/4 of the can in. I'm wondering if this is the cause for the MAP codes. I changed the plugs and o2 sensor a couple days later so I don't think this would be the cause for the lean condition.

The other codes from the BIG PULL are (including above stated):

Curcuit Low Input
(Did my Deep Creep do this?)

Curcuit High Input

TPS/Pedal Position
Sensor A
Curcuit Low Input
(I intend to pull the TPS for the TPS mod -hopefully this helps, if not I'll be needing a new TPS -got a part # for GMPD?)

System Too Lean
Bank 1
(I've replaced the sensor with a new AC/Delco AFS 109, disconnected the battery for 1 hour and the code still persists -switched new plugs in at the same time TR55'* gapped at .057" -is this gap too small causing the lean condition?)

Trans Range Sensor
Curcuit Malfunction
(PRNDL Input)
(My shifter is a little sloppy, and I don't need to pull the button to go from D-3 -it pretty sloppy from R-N-D-3)

MAP Sensor
Intermittent CKT
High Voltage

TPS/Pedal Position
Intermittent Ckt
Low Voltage

Maximum Adapt and Long Shift
Seems like when I pull up to a stoplight or stop sign when I take off I get a bit of jerking -2 or three jerks- like it'* doing the quick hard downshifts from 3-2-1 too late, but if I pull the shifter down into first while it'* doing this it stops right away -is this related to the Trans Range sensor?

Thanks for any help.
I hope to get this stuff straightened out before I do any more mods. Hopefully, before I send the PCM into Intense -don't want to send it in and find the PCM is a bad one.

I'm going to reset the PCM tonight and see if I can find someone in Alexandria to scan it tommorrow. I'm hoping it'* my PCM so I don't have to change 10 different items. Besides a good junkyard PCM (with warranty) is only $35.
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The P0102 and P0108 are interesting and seems the maf may be dirty? Clean it with contact cleaner but be very carefull and let it dry before plugging it back in.

The tps codes may be corrected with the tps adjustment mod but you should clear up the maf errors first?

I'm not that familliar with the 1-2-3 codes but my understanding is there is sort of adjusment that you can do?
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