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Cool Halo'*/Angel eyes install

How to make Angel Eye/ Halo’* for your fog lights for 2000+ Bonneville SLE/SSEi -- By YoungGunLs1
(other years / models some of the directions may vary)

Ok guys I want to start off by first saying that this write up is by no means the only way to do this, however through ALL of my research and through the trial and error of making my own from scratch before doing these...this way is the best I have come across so far. (As of March 2010)

With that said the following write up will show you exactly how to add angel eye / halo lights to your existing fog lights on your Bonneville for around or under $20 and with an install time of around 30 minutes or less. This is the way the I have done it personally.. you may choose to do it different and that is your choice but at least this will give you an idea of what to do. I have spent the time to write this so that someone with little knowledge can do this..so if a lot of it seems like common sense, or you read it and feel like you could have figured it all out as you go, or have done it better.. that is just fine.. skip through all this, install it and enjoy!.. for those that might need a little help and a step by step walk through, I hope you find this write-up helpful!

What you will need:
* Angel eye/ Halo light ring kit which will look like this: (more info below in write-up)

* 4 ft of 16 or 18 awg wire
* Super Glue – clear, strong, and quick drying

* 16-18 awg Scotch Locks – 2 of these

* 16-18 awg Butt Connectors – 6 of these

* Wire strippers (or sharp knife/razor)
* 10 mm socket or wrench
* Circuit tester (not required, but helpful)
* Automotive Molding/emblem tape (double stick foam tape that can be found at any auto parts store) this is also not required, but makes mounting your power source much easier and quicker.
*Zip ties/Electrical tape (not required, but nice to have)

The first thing you need to do is measure the diameter of your fog light so you know what size angel eye / halo ring you will need to order:

My fog light was just over 4 inches in diameter (4 to be more exact), but a 4 inch diameter ring (or aprox 110 mm being the seller of the kit uses metric) is perfect for our lights as you want it slightly smaller so you can later attach it. Your fog light size may be larger or smaller depending on year or model, but you can find kits that are larger and smaller as well.

Now to get this project started! You will need to order a kit so you have something to actually install! The one that I used is found on Ebay from ebayer: Autoshop168.. the kit I bought AND ABSOLUTELY STRONGLY advise you to purchase as well (being these directions are for the kit I PURCHASED ONLY, so be advised if you use another kit, your installation will vary from my directions) was $5 plus $8 for shipping from Hong Kong.

The following kit is what I purchased:


Next step is the most difficult of the entire process.. waiting for your kit to arrive!

My transaction with Autoshop168 was really good, it arrived to me just over 2 weeks (from hong kong what do you expect) and it has worked great so far.

Once the kit arrives the first thing you want to do is make sure it works. Connect the lights to there power converter box, and touch the positive wire to a positive terminal under your hood, and the negative to any ground under your hood.. assuming the lights work (which they should) you are ready to begin installing them. As you may notice, the wires that go from the halo rings into the power converter box are very short and the positive/negative wires from the other side of the box that will get wired to your power source are also short.. this is why you need that extra 16 or 18 awg wire which we will talk about later on..

You will want to start by opening your hood and deciding whether you want to connect the positive/negative wires from the power box in your kit to your driver or passenger headlight assembly. I chose the passenger side.

Remove the headlight assembly by removing the two 10mm bolts on the top of the assembly and sliding it out. Take the parking light/turn signal bulb out of the assembly as this is the light you will be wiring your kit to. (Note: you can take all of the bulbs out of the assembly if you want and then set the assembly aside for more room to work that way you don’t need to hold the headlight assembly up the whole time.)

The arrows show the two 10mm bolts that need to be removed:

There are 3 wires that go into the plug of the parking light.. a ground, a 12v source, and another 12v source (for turn signal). You may need to peel back/cut some of the tape that is wrapped around it to get at the wires better.

The 12v source for the parking lights you want is the middle wire and the ground is the black wire (at least those are the two it was on mine) the other wire is the 12v source for when the turn signal is on. If you have a circuit tester this is where it will come in handy, as you can test to see and be certain of which is your ground, which gives off 12v when you turn your parking lights on, and which gives off 12v when your turn signal is turned on)

After you have determined which is your 12v source for the parking light, and which is the ground, grab your 4 ft section of extra 16 or 18 awg wire you bought and cut two 20” pieces off of it. Now take one of those pieces and with one of the scotch locks attach/splice it to the 12v wire going to the parking light bulb you just found, and do the same with the other 20” piece by attaching/splicing it to the ground wire. ( if you don’t know how a scotch lock works you run the parking light wire through the back side and place the cut piece of wire in the front side and then clamp the metal piece down to splice into them both, and simply snap/lock it shut..if that makes no sense, simply look at it and you will figure it out..hehe)

Now you should have a parking light bulb harness with two 20” wires spliced into it..if not go back and see where you screwed up

Next you need to mount your Power converter box that came with the kit. I mounted mine on the underside of the frame of the car using automotive molding/emblem double stick foam tape. Do not mount it centered between the two fog lights as your wires are not long enough to go from the halo light ring which will be mounted on the fog light all the way to the center of the car.. instead mount the power box so it is slightly off centered close enough to one of them so that it will plug in, and the other one later on we are going to splice in some extra wire so that it will reach.

Also make sure that the positive/negative wire coming out of the box will be able to reach your two 20” wires you just finished after you route them however you plan to route them

(I routed my wires in front of the radiator where you see the foam running down the end of it.. I just fed them through between the radiator and the foam and out the other side so that they came up and out by the passenger headlight where I could then attach them to the 20” wires I had already attached to the parking light).

Now that the box is mounted and the positive/negative wires are run up near your 20” wires attached to the parking light it is time to attach them to each other.

To attach these, strip about ” of wire insulation off the end of each of the 20” pieces of wire so you have bare wires showing like the bare wires showing that come out of the power box. You will now need 2 of your butt connectors, connect both positives to each other, and connect both negatives to each other. (if you don’t know how a butt connector works, simply insert a wire into each end and use your wire strippers/needle nose pliers or something similar to crimp down the connector on each wire so that the wire does not slide back out)

You should now have two 20” wires ran from your parking light which are then connected with butt connectors to the positive and negative wires coming out of your kit’* power converter box, and your power converter box should also be mounted somewhere slightly off-center under your car along the frame between the two fog lights… if this is not the case, go back and figure out where you screwed up!

NOW you need to mount up your halo’*!

Clean your fog lights real good with alcohol (no, not the beer you have been drinking while installing this.. rubbing alcohol) or some type of glass cleaner…just something to get the dirt, grime, oil residue etc.. off of them.

Now that you have done this take one of the halo rings and feed the wires from the front of the fog light over the top of the light.. if you lay under the car you should be able to see that behind the fog light there is a hole where the wires go through, (see picture)

Feed the wire from your halo through this hole and make sure it will reach and connect into your power converter box that is already mounted along your frame. If it does not reach, STOP, we need to splice in some wires so that it will reach.. for now though, leave this one alone and go to the other fog light and do the same thing..feed the wire through and this one should reach.. plug it in.

Now that the one side is plugged in, lets attach the light ring to the outside of your fog light. You now need your clear super glue. Take your halo ring in your hand and on the side you plan to place against your fog light run a nice bead of super glue all the way around. Firmly press your halo ring against the fog light (making sure the wires are at the top) and hold it there until it sets up/dries. (note make sure the super glue you use is fast drying and strong..this will insure you get a good fast bond and that it will not come off..unless of course you want to get it off, in which case it should be able to be pried off no

You have now completed one halo ring!

Now to the side where the wires do not reach the box. If you look at the wires coming out of the halo ring they go into a plug.. we don’t want to mess up the plug so we are simply going to splice some wires into the middle of the existing wires to make them longer.

First mark ONE of the wires near the end by the plug and also near the end by the ring.. I used a black marker to mark mine… this way after you cut the wires you will know which wire goes to which wire and you don’t get them mixed up

Now cut both of the wires near the center.

Strip each wire so ” of wire is showing just like you did before when you spliced the 20” pieces from the parking light.

You will now need two 12” pieces of wire cut off the remainder of the extra wire you bought. Strip the ends of these as well.

Now just like before use butt connectors to splice each 12” piece of wire into the wires from the halo light.
When it is all said and done, your halo light ring should simply be the same, just with an extra foot of wiring on each wire and a total of 4 butt connectors.

This picture shows what this should all look like once it is all hooked up (note it should say power converter box, not power supply box.. sorry)

Do the same as the other side to attach the light ring to your fog light and plug it in!

If there are any excess wires hanging loose etc.. use some zip ties/twist ties/electrical tape etc.. to tie them up and out of site.

Enjoy your new Halo/Angel Eyes!

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