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Detailing & Appearance Discuss washing, waxing and detailing information as well as interior/exterior cosmetic modifications. This includes neons, body, cosmetic wheels, etc. Even under the hood detailing.

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Many people here have seen it, and will see it again. The point is that there is no damage or minor cosmetic flaws caused by the blade.
There are also many pics of my car (including closeups) posted here.

Just wash and rinse the blade just before you use it.
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We're not talking heavy, highly visible scratches, but spider webs, which silicone blade products do create.

Electric leaf blowers do work well, my dad does the Sol in about 2 min with his, i've used it a few times, but i'm scared of something getting shot @ my car...
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Originally Posted by ferullo0
my dad says not to use steel wool as it will scratch the wheels and glass. the guy at autozone said to try lysol or clorox bathroom cleaner with lime remover??
The steel wool wont hurt anything, just dont scrub like you are cleaning dishes. You may also have to use some polish and elbow grease to get the lite swirl marks that may get left behind. I used it a lot on my '64 Merc to remove deposits on chrome trim parts with no problems. Also be carfull with the bathroom cleaners, your car insnt a bathroom or pieces of stone that are tiles.... Something that works really well right when you get done rinsing all the soap off is something called 'bead spray'. If anyone details cars they'll know what Im talking about. Its pretty much the 'Spotless rinse' at the car wash. Just spray it all over the car and the water all beads together and falls of. It takes a lot less time and youwont have to worry about 'dry spots'. Autoparts stores have it. I also try to let my car sit in the shade dor about 30min before I start to wash it so the panels and such have time to cool down. Not good to wash hot car.
PS- I wash my car in 3parts (top, side, side), and rinse the soap of each before moving to the next
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An older post but I'll still throw in my $0.02.

I learned this as I used to do professional window cleaning...as long as it'* only your windows you're using it on, standard blue toilet bowl cleaner (i.e. Sno-Bol) works wonders for removing hard water spots from glass, use a soft-scrubbing sponge and use the "wax on-wax off" method. After that'* all done, all it takes is regular window cleaner to remove the toilet cleaner and get those things shining! (this is also handy if you have this problem with your home'* windows)

PS: Don't get it anywhere but glass! A little will go a long way!
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