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Originally Posted by xtremerevolution View Post
My last L27 died because of a tick. I thought, oh, no big deal, its just a small tick. Turned out that tick was the lifter cracked and the cam slapping the roller around until it split open, and left shards of metal through the oil and the needle bearings all over the place.
I'm talking about a totally different noise.

And that happening wouldn't be a slight tick.. It would be a hell of a noise !!

The injectors do and will tick while they are pulsing!

The OP said Ticking

When I rev up the motor it doesn't seem to follow the RPM increase but after the RPM'* decrease you can hear the frequency of the ticking has gotten a little quicker
If it were something in the motor it by rule would follow the RPM'*

Since it doesn't follow (To The ear) since you can't hear the Injectors while the engine is reving I think its safe to assume its either the injectors.. Another possibility is that its a wire on a coil pack arc'ing .. but that should throw a CEL
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Mine did the same thing....... Until my last oil change i put in Quaker State synthetic oil and the bosch premium (black) oil filter ($12-$13) for the oil filter!! Right away i noticed that the ticking was gone!! i drove around all day that day and not 1 tick... So almost 2800 miles later still no ticking and im changing it out tomorrow with the same combo of oil and filter!! I don't know which did the trick, but i do know im sticking with both until i find out something different....
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Originally Posted by b'sgxp View Post
For the last three weeks I have noticed that after I drive for about 20 minutes when I stop and put the car in park or neutral an intermitant ticking noise is coming from the engine. Weirdly, on short trips even when the motor is at full temp it doesn't do it and the motor sounds perfect. When it is acting up you can't hear it from the front of the car, only in the front wheel wells. When I rev up the motor it doesn't seem to follow the RPM increase but after the RPM'* decrease you can hear the frequency of the ticking has gotten a little quicker. Again it is not constant, the car could run for 5 to 10 seconds and nothing but then it will thow a couple of ticks at you. My dealership looked at it and their head mechanic said he didn't think it was anything detrimental or anything major to worry about.

Also, it is not the carbon build-up I know what that sounds like and this is different. It also stops immediately after I turn the motor off.

Any ideas guys? Could it be a spun bearing in the alternator? I have no idea.....
I just thought I would add that I am having this same issue with my gxp (northstar) with only 50k miles. I have never heard this on any other vehicle I have owned and it bothers me that I finally buy a new vehicle with way less miles and I hear this unusual sound from the bottom end of the engine. I have tried to hear the noise when engine is cold... but no noise. I drive 15-20 minutes and I hear the sound mainly from the passenger side wheel well. I jacked up the car while warm, to a piece of wood and it seems to be coming from the oil pan area.... but can't tell totally. I can rev up the motor and the sound disappears but when idled down, sound comes back. Seems like when oil pressure drops back down (30psi) it starts to do it again. Its to loud for an injector unless they can get louder than normal. It seems quieter now (but still there) that I am experiencing colder temperatures here than the middle of summer. It makes same noise after oil change.... even put Quaker state syn and no change.

I wish I knew exactly what part was making the noise so I didn't have to be so concerned. I want to take it in but not sure the dealership would even know. Do you really have to use the rislone product every oil change or just once?
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