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Default For those who dislike the Northstar engines.

This is an article showing the strong points of the 4.0 and 3.5 engines used in the Aurora. The 3.5 was placed on the Ward'* Ten best engines in the world list.

The 4.0L DOHC V8: Luxury Performance, Racing Heritage
The Aurora V8 has been a favorite among automotive journalists and luxury consumers since its introduction. In addition to its reputation as a fluid, exhilarating powerplant on the open highway, the Aurora V8 has dominated the IRL circuit for two years, winning every race and leading almost every lap since it

One Great Car, Two Great Engines
V8 Powerplant

began competition. But for the new millenium, Oldsmobile has redesigned - and redefined - what’* at the heart of its flagship.
“This enhanced 4.0L V8 design improves on the world-class power and finesse that has built the engine’* reputation on and off the racetrack,” said Freeman. “The new engine has all the power of the previous engine, but it has been completely redesigned to make it even cleaner, quieter, and more fuel efficient.”
Output of the redesigned 4.0L V8 engine is rated at 250 horsepower @ 5600 rpm. Engine torque tops out at a gripping 260 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm, with 90 percent of peak torque on the ground between 2300 and 5600 rpm.
The 2001 4.0L V8 introduces a revolutionary low-friction valvetrain that dramatically reduces side loads and sliding friction reducing engine wear and providing the driver with more fluid, efficient power. New pistons, combustion chambers, and reaction heated catalyst system have been developed to lower the emission levels to the very stringent Low Emission Vehicle levels or LEV.

The 3.5L DOHC V6: Reaching a Broader Base
Based heavily on the Aurora 4.0L V8 engine, the 3.5L V6 has a dual overhead cam, 24-valve design that offers state-of-the-art efficiency and performance. It utilizes a long stroke design and the latest combustion technology to deliver high-end output and exceptional low-end torque. Power is rated at 215 horsepower @ 5600 rpm, with peak torque of 234 lb-ft @ 4400 rpm.

Cleaner, Quieter & More Fuel Efficient
Low-Friction Valvetrain
State-of-the-Art V6

“This engine will help us bring additional consumers into the fold, including women and younger professionals,” said John Gatt, brand manager, Aurora. “These buyers want power and smooth performance from their engine, but aren’t necessarily looking for the power of a V8.”
Since its introduction in the 1999 Oldsmobile Intrigue, critics have praised the 3.5L V6 for its exhilarating performance, seamless power delivery, efficiency and design, with Ward’* citing it as one of the Top 10 engines in the world.
“The Aurora is going after a very demanding consumer set,” said Gatt. “They want power. They want dependability. And they want choices. Whether they ultimately go with the 3.5L V6 or the 4.0L V8, we want them to know that they’re getting the best there is to offer.”

Creating a New Standard for Engine Technology
The Aurora 4.0L V8 and 3.5L V6 engines represent the highest level in engine technology. With a list of industry-leading advancements, the Aurora enters the next millennium with two great powertrains to compete with the best of the imports, including:
• Two-piece die-cast aluminum cylinder block and structural bedplate-style lower the crankcase for improved rigidity and sound quality.

Ward’* 10 Best
Industry-leading Technology

• With the exception of oil and filter changes, these engines have no scheduled service requirements for 100,000 miles. Both engines also feature Teflon crankshaft seals to prevent fluid leaks for more than 150,000 miles.

• Coil-at-plug ignition system with extended-life spark plugs for greater engine performance and reduced maintenance requirements.

• In the event the engine runs out of coolant, the Aurora 4.0L V8 and the 3.5L V6 have a special “limp-home” mode which shuts down cylinders alternatively to help cool the engine and keep it running until the driver has made it safely to a service station.

“To test the effectiveness of our advancements, we designed, built and even tested the engines in computer simulation for more than a year before we built the first prototypes,” said Freeman. “As we move the Aurora forward into the future, we will pull from the most advanced technology available.”
Both engines are built with a process that mimics the way race engines are built. To ensure that every engine is built correctly, Oldsmobile has created a series of torque monitoring, pressure sensor testing, and electrical testing procedures during the assembly process to insure that every bolt is perfectly tightened and every component is functioning properly.

No Scheduled Service
Extended-life Spark Plugs
“Limp-home” Mode
Race Engine Process

Lighter, Stronger, Cleaner
For lighter weight and greater engine integrity, the Aurora design team turned to the use of aluminum, magnesium, and composite materials in several components of both engines. Both engines also share many design and manufacturing philosophies and processes, including a 102mm bore-center dimension, 90-degree V-angle, the new roller-follower valvetrain, and combustion chamber design. With lighter, more efficient engines, an enhanced chassis and a lighter, tighter body, the 2001 Aurora is a road performer like never before.
“We went to lightweight, low friction engine components to improve both the responsiveness and fuel economy of the new Aurora,” said Freeman. “And when we took this car out for performance, fuel efficiency and emissions tests, we were very pleased with the results. We set out to offer two great engines for the 2001 Aurora and refused to settle for anything less than a performance leader.”

Bringing the Power to the Road
By all standards, the 2001 Aurora offers two truly great engines. But bringing that engine power and performance to the road comes courtesy of two equally great four-speed automatic transaxles.

Lighter Weight
Improved Responsiveness and Fuel Economy
Two Four-speed Automatics

For the Aurora 3.5L V6, the designers have employed a 4T65-E Hydra-matic. The shift pattern is monitored and controlled electronically, to provide smooth, seamless transitions.
For the Aurora 4.0L V8, the designers turned to the 4T80-E Hydra-matic, which boasts higher torque and rpm performance levels. Designed and built to handle more power, the 4T80-E controls engine output prior to every engine shift to make each gear transition as smooth as possible.
Both of these transaxles are world renown for their excellent shift character, smoothness, and durability. In keeping with the low maintenance philosophy of the new Aurora, both of these transaxles require no fluid change for the life of the vehicle.
“In the end, we have two great engines for one great car,” said Gatt. “Whether consumers want the fluid performance of the 3.5L V6 or the exhilarating power of the 4.0L V8, they are getting a world-class engine that performs on every level. And when consumers line up the Aurora next to the Acura TL, the Lexus ES300 or the Lincoln LS, they’ll see that they get a lot more car with us.”
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Do you have a date on that artical Custom ? It sounds like a GM press release. What year did 3.5 make Wards ?
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Originally Posted by Steve LS
Do you have a date on that artical Custom ? It sounds like a GM press release. What year did 3.5 make Wards ?
it made the list in 1999, the same year it was released, which makes no sense really in that how can you tell if an engine is great or not in its first year of production?

heres a link to the article i got that information from , Wards
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