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Default Re: Oil use for my GXP in Germany

Originally Posted by obis88
The sound is what really gets people looking. They hear it, then look and keep looking waiting for me to hit the accelerator again. It'* really funny.
haha i love hearing that the german natives love the sound of an american car! Too many americans overhere that I know who simply don't care for american cars and would die for a german car!! What a world!!

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Default Feast or Famine in Berlin

The Germans I have seen here in Berlin either drive high end cars or tiny super economical ones. Being the capital of Germany they have all the foreign embassies and govt officials who have alot of money and prefer the big Benz'*, BMW'*, and Audis. Then there are the regular blue collar workers who save as much as they can because of the outrageous taxes, gas prices, and tight regulations regarding inspections and emissions. Most Germans never change their oil within 10,000 miles and only change their filters every other oil change! They have these self service oil change spots at gas stations when you put a small tube where your oil dipstick goes and it sucks the old oil out and then you just add the new oil. With a quart of oil going for $5 or more you can understand their reasoning. SInce Mercedes bought Chrysler, you see more and more PT Cruisers, Chrysler Minivans, and a few Chrysler 300'* over here. You also see the ocassional old Trans Am and pickup left over by the U.*. troops that used to be stationed here. In the summer you see a ton of old AMerican iron like 60'* Corvettes, Cadillacs, and even Corvairs. The newer cars need to have better nrakes and oil coolers to pass the stringent German inspections though and many can't either afford the conversion or don't want the hassle.[/quote]
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My Rorra consumes way to much oil. Last 2k miles aI had to add about 2L of oil. Plus i use only mobile 1. When the oil level is low enough to trigger the sensor the car starts constantly shutting down.
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Mine has consumed about 1L of oil once, once I returned from NH last October, mind you it took me 1/2hr to drive thru, (yes, I was go fast...very fast) and since then, no burning oil whatsoever...

Hrm, i know NS burn a bit of oil, but 2L sounds like to much.
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I wonder if that cleaning that the stealership charges you with is just that can of top end cleaner that GM has that has been on this forum a few times, and an oil change. Wouldn't suprise me around here.....My g/f works for a local Chevrolet stealership, and she tells me about some of the outragous pricing they have for some of the simplest stuff. So I think for 600 bucs, I would just keep adding oil....but for the newer vehicles under warranty....I'd be raising all sorts of hell on earth with them.
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Default 1990 cadillac seville

not bragging....i have a 1990 cadillac seville i bought in 2001 and it had 159,000 miles on it then. The car has a 4.5 v-8 engine and you will not believe that i am still driving this car today...burns no oil and still get up and go. The miles i have is 311,000 i used mobil premium gas,and castrol oil and change every 2000 miles.......well i will see you all at 500,000...ernie
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I have a 05 GXP now with 129000 mi on the clock. When I purchased it at 62K mi it was getting around 5000 mi to 1qt oil (appeared to be leaking). At 122K mi the head gaskets went. After new head gaskets and new gaskets all around she now get 5000 mi (oil change cycle) with no oil consumption.
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