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Default GM vs Pontiac Div.

I have a few issues. First is the new Bonneville GXP!!! In Atlanta, Ga most of the sticker prices are around $38,900. I found one place for $35,900. I test drove the car, but I wasn't thrilled. I have a 02 SSEI and it just wasn't enough to wow me. The 35hp just wasn't enough of an increase and besides the bigger tires by an inch was the only other major change. Simple mods on my SSEI can get equal performance if not better. The V8 feel and sound was cool, but it wasn't enough for the price. The rest of the car is exactly the same minus some shiny interior add ons, minor leather change, and loss of racy exterior cladding. How about the no chrome wheel package! For that price that should be automatic! The SLE has chrome for crying out loud! GM gave us the lesser of the two North Star engines. Why not the 300hp (STS) engine? Are we not worthy of the real performance power? With rivals like Chrysler, Lincoln and others beefing up their models, its a shame that GM won't even give Pontiac a fighting chance to live up to its reputation of excitement. It was still a nice, powerful car though. If I was new to cars I'd choose it for my driveway.
Other issues for Pontiacs:
1) Lack of manuals for 6 cyl engines (Grand Am/Prix
2) Lack of 5 speed automatics for Grand Am/Prix/Bonneville-especially for price
3) SE/SLE Bonneville-How about a power upgrade by now? Considering the prices!
4) Grand Am going away is a mistake/G6 looks like a Pontiac Camry.
Sorry guys, I just had to vent. My last post was November. Does anyone feel my pain?
I'm out! :P Big D!!!
"Pontiac Forever"-99 GA GT, 01 GA GT, 02 SSEI-Now, 04 GP GT2, 03 Envoy SLT-Now(baby on the way)
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I was sorta amazed, too, that the northstar isn't that powerful of an engine. And I really sorta wonder too, why pontiac didn't stick witha supercharged V6 over the V8 to cut costs, yet still yield performance. If the Northstar yeilded more power (specifically torque) then it'd be worth putting in the pontiac. And it'd definitely be nice as RWD (although front wheel has it'* advantages...maybe AWD? )

Secondly, Pontiac (since the 90'*) hasn't put a stick in a Grand Am bigger than a 4 banger (if my memory serves me). Why not have offered it in the later 3400 grand ams??? And more importantly, why isn't there a friggen stick in the GRAND PRIX!!! I mean, if you want to pay 30k for a new GTP comp G, don't you think they could offer a manual transmission option? Or actually, it should be a manual standard, and they should have to consider offering the car in automatic. I just don't get it, I love sticks, but I guess they figure just as americans are getting fatter, that we can't drive sticks anymore either or what?!!!

I guess I'll just have to buy my trans am and quit my bitching....
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The Northstar engine is a powerful engine. I have driven a 1999 Cadillac Deville with a 4.6 and now the 4.0 in my car. Its a pretty advanced DOHC engine, that can put down 300HP without the help of a supercharger or any kinda turbo power adder. That cannot be said for the 3800 Series II or Series III V6.

Would GXP owners be happier with a SC'd Series III or a 4.6L V8 Northstar?

I guess we'll have to find out.
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THe DOHC is a smoother, better top end engine, which is what'* the type you want in that category. It'* only 15 or 25 HP down, not like they crammed a 4 banger in there.

There are reasons they did this. THe Caddy'* need to be above the Bonnies, like they need to be above the GPs, by getting rid of the L67.
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They are a lot of bucks but in a few years they will be used cars and there will be deals around

If I had one, I'd install a reverse mounted centrafugal super charger and fender well cold air intake. Get custom Headers and run dual exhaust x pipe to flowmaster 80'*

So much for 300hp
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for it to compete with the euro cars it needs high rpm power. from a stop it will surely take a 03 ssei, but from a role, its all gxp.
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