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Nice write up. I did a cut and past into a word document for future reference.

Thank you
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Hey No Problem...

Would have done a better write up with photos
but have no place to put it up here and I'm new
and dont want to over step...

Ya' all sure get a lot of views but not much for posters....
Not at all like the british car boards... family there!

Anyway I re-read your post and here'* an OLD DAWGS
perspective. SPEAKERS... I've had so many low quality
and top quality recievers / amps both home and automotive
and it'* really a combination of speaker sensitivity/construction
and power (amplitude!).

<Feel the flames a comin'> Really high quality speakers
make ANY system sound better. Find speakers with a
sensitivity around 90db (SPL rating) higher the better
with 92 being about a perfect motor.

Head unit'* really only offer FEATURES nothing more
but perhaps some amplitude. The HU in the B'ville is
just fine and is well integrated. Ok I admit low level
outs and a few inputs would be nice but an FM tuner
is still a tuner Delco or otherwise... Tape drive and
spindle mech'* are about universal.... Tell me how
a mosfet power suppily is better in an Onkyo as
opposed to a cheapo pyramid.

In fact most of the circuitry in ALL consumer electronics
is mandated by patents and right'* to produce. So you'll
get 'round about the same in a Sony or a Kenwood.
Except that kewl faceplate display.... Just junk to
sell 'ya on the MP3 tag.... please...

I'd rather have better molds and better produced materials
than some stupid dolphin swimmin on my radio display.
Sorry but 25 years of audio and I'm not impressed with
modern HU'* at all.

Now then the Amplifiers available now are reasonable
and powerful! Really easy to tie into the existing system
to add some kick to your new speaker purchase.

Really like to see more with low level sensing circuits to
allow remote turn on (some do) when like all home systems
offer just this circuitry.

So from a purely personal position speakers are the very
pistons that drive the audio motor... yeah it'* good to have
great carburetion - Injection - BLOWN!! - but if the timing is
off a degree or two it'll STILL run like a pile of **** even if that
intake manifold is all chromed up.

Speakers and Amplifiers.... No Replacement for Displacement!
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Thanks at least I feel that I am on the correct path to obtaining a better quality sound. To me loudness does not mean better sounding. My old ears can only take so much now days. I am looking for better sound clarity and reproduction of the full audio spectrum.

Cannot wait until my 2004 manual arrives and I can begin to make some electrical modifications. It would be nice to know what each wire in and out of the HU is doing.
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