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I looked up the specs on your subwoofer and that is one heck of a good subwoofer for an auto application. It'* like the servo subwoofers that Velodyne used to make. Effectively what they did was use a smaller, longthrow cone to go lower, but still keep ironfisted control over the cone.

One thing I noticed was that Infinity says that thing goes 20hz-100hz (+or- 3db). In home applications you need at least a 24 in subwoofer to get that 20hz signal. That may be the problem. That 10 in cone is going to wet its underwear trying to put out a clean signal way down there. Is there any way you can variably cut the signal to the subwoofer. Cut it below 50hz, listen.. then try 60hz, listen... etc?

If sound treatment is the direction, I would try 10 bucks of 1 inch rubber foam in the trunk (don't forget the trunk lid). It will give you about 60% of what the highbrow dampening stuff will do. Then you can decide if you want to go further with that and spend the big bucks. And just for the heck of it, put down the rear seat arm rest and clear away the access to the trunk. You'll make the trunk a ducted port subwoofer, with an opening for the bass to breathe.

Good luck. If you can get that sub to perform to your liking, it is one cleverly engineered dynamo.
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Thanks for the tips guys. I spent around an hour tuning my system and it'* sounding much MUCH better now.

I changed the peak bass to 60 HZ and changed the Q-factor to .5. What this does is make it so the bass is focused at 60 HZ, while all other "bass" frequencies are drastically cut from 60HZ. Therefore, almost all of my bass response comes from 60HZ +/- 10 or so. I also changed my midrange peak to 500hz instead of 1khz. The bass boost on the basslink was changed to -3 (it boosts bass at 40 hz.) All in all, it sounds MUCH better and it still hits hard, without the annoying resonating bass. It sounds really tight. I like it a lot.
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I too have recently installed the Basslink and have been slowly tweaking my settings to my taste. I think I have the crossover set to around 50hz with the boost turned up to about half way between the center point and max.

I also had to switch the phase setting to 180 due to some serious feedback/interference with my Infinity reference 6x9'* when I closed the trunk lid. That worked out perfect since the sound coming from the sub was much better after making the change. So you may want to play around with the phase setting yourself to see if it makes a difference.

I'd also recommend using Infinity'* setup procedures out of the manual..... it gave me a good starting point, if anything. Then tweak til your ears say "HELL YEAH!!"
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