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Ok... I start out with asking the obvious. The tank is plastic, so why would it need to be replaced? It can just be cleaned out and it would be perfectly fine again. Also, even if there were rust in the tank... Like it was stated earlier, the major particles would be caught by the screen on the pump inlet and the lesser particles should have been caught by the fuel filter, unless they were large enough to tear a hole in the filter media...

I would strongly recommend finding another dealership as this one doesn't seem competent enough.

Even if you needed to replace your fuel pump, $2k sounds like a lot!

GM Parts Direct
Fuel pump: P/N 25326335 - Dealer $441.98 - GMPD $220.99 - Labor 1.1hrs
Fuel Injectors: P/N 24508208 - Dealer $115.36 ea. - GMPD $57.68 - Labor 1.3hrs for all
Fuel Filter: P/N 25121293 - Dealer $15.60 - GMPD $9.34 - Labor 0.5hrs
Fuel Pressure Regulator: P/N 24506988 - Dealer $89.17 - GMPD $44.58 - Labor 0.6hrs

That would basically cover every part of the fuel system that would be affected by the rust particles if any of it did infact get past the fuel filter. I can hardly believe that they would actually pull the fuel tank from the vehicle to inspect the inside for rust seeing as there is an access panel in the trunk where the fuel pump can be pulled through and a nice 3-4" hole that can be looked through to inspect the inside of the tank. It would be completely possible to clean the entire tank out from that location (I believe anyway).

I still can't believe that the injectors would have seen any of the rust particles... Also, if you are at all mechanically inclined, this all is fairly easy to replace (the injectors being the hardest of them all IMO - not including the tank because it can be cleaned!).

Now if they did have to replace the fuel tank for some reason...
Fuel Tank: P/N 25744826 - Dealer $466.73 - GMPD $275.37 - Labor 4.7hrs
that would be where A LOT of cost would come from... But there is no excuse to explain why they can't clean the tank in the vehicle!

**All labor times were recorded from
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You mention that it may not be rust but silt instead.Maybe it isn't rust.I have no direct experience with this, but was reading about someone experiencing a similar problem.They had a load of fine red clay in their tank.Apparently clay is used to filter gasoline but i don't remember where in the distribution chain it happens.If at the fuel terminal then it'* finer than the gas station'* filters can remove.At any rate I'd change gas stations and the dealer is quoting you outrageous costs.I'd go with the advice given above and clean out the tank and system and only replace what'* really needed.
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One other thought that might be worth pursuing is to try to get the gas station to pay for your repairs if it can be proven that it came from where you regularly get gas or think it came from.As a starting place you might contact your state'* department that tests fuels for quality as well as accuracy of fuel dispensers at service stations.Bureau of Weights and Measures ?Maybe someone knowledgeable here could comment on this approach.In any case I'd be pissed about footing a big repair bill because of dirty gas.
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Originally Posted by malatu View Post
I just bought a 02 Ssei back in April. My check engine light has lit up three times. The first time they replaced an injector. The second time it was the same problem but they informed me they found rust in my fuel filter and I might have rust in my gas tank. They inform me the problem is most likely to continue and recommend changing out the fuel filter in about 10,000 miles. At this point I've got $900 in repairs in two visits. Two weeks later, the check engine light comes on for the third time. Same problem. They dropped the fuel tank and confirm there is a hell of a lot of rust (very very fine particles) in the tank The dealer informes me the tack is plastic and the rust must have been from bad gas. Also, he informs me I am looking at the minimum of a new tank, a sending unit and possibly injector replacments (if they can't be cleaned). A minimum of about $2000, maximum of 3500. I hope all the injectors won't need replaced for I drove the car to the dealer and it drove well.

I have a couple of questions:

What coud have caused this and how did this rust get into the tank. I am thinking flood damage, but carfax does not show this ( the car was a FLA car).

Is there a way to determine it'* rust and not silt ? Will rust stick to a magnet?

What are the tell tale signs that could disclose if a car was in some sort of flood or had water damage (maybe it'* rust in the gas tank!) What parts of the car can the dealer or I look?

Thanks and regards,

dont know if you got your truck fixed or not we had this problem going on a year now i think we found the problem a vapor canister! weve took the gas tank off 3 times and spent almost 1,000 trying to fix it messed up fuel pump and got into carborators it has been a nite mare. hope this helps
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Hey Rhonda, uhhh, this is 8 years old.
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