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Default shocks and struts

I purchased shocks and struts from and I don't think what they advertised as compatible is.... well compatible. Here is what I ordered for my 2000 SE:


I ordered the AC Delco 504547 $94.79 part. Now that I have been under the car I can see that the AC Delco 22064810 $116.79 part better matches what is on there now. The issues I found are:
1.) air fitting is mounted at different height on shock (not a deal break but still different).
2.) air fitting is wrong. A kit is included but the kit is for adapting all sorts of other things like the compressor itself.
3.) No rear mounts included as mentioned in other posts in this forum. A generic shock kit was included with some circular plates and rubber bushings but none of it applies to our cars.
4.) Stem of upper end of shock is different length and threaded not completely up making it hard to mount.

These issues were more than sufficient for me to give up. I'll exchange - don't think I can get a refund. Frustrating having to put the old shocks back on and put it all back together knowing I have to take it all apart again.

As for the front end.... I ordered:,ca...,parttype,7584

and picked AC Delco 503379 = $73.79. I have not yet attempted to install these. Can anyone confirm this is the correct part? If they are not I would like to send it all back together. Clicking on 'More Info' brings up different pages for the two different AC Delco parts. I can see a difference in the length of the strut between the two just from the pictures.

I also ordered strut bearing plates - who knows if those will fit.....

Any help is appreciated. Sometimes saving money isn't worth it when you can't drive across town and get the right part...

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Default Shocks & Struts

I ran into a similar problem when replacing the rear shocks on '01 SE. I went to the local Autozone and purhcased a set of Gabriels that had the same universal air set up that you described with threaded fittings. Instead of messing with these, I returned them and went to another parts store and ended up with a set of Monroe Max Airs, model # MA822 that had the correct fittings (still have the box in the garage). They were made in the US unlike the Gabriels which made the whole experience that much better. They have about 15,000 miles on them and so far so good. If I remember correctly they were about $80. Good luck with yours.
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This is what I show for the rear shock numbers
Shock Absorber 1 - Right 22064809 Left 22064808

Front strut 2206478

Frankly, if it were me, I would have purchased the Monroe, or KYB.
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Default Strut installation procedure

I just attempted (repeatedly) to install the AC-Delco struts that I listed above, purchased from rock auto. They don't fit. Here are the differences between my stock units and the replacements:

1.) Strut end has a flats on it, instead of a torx. This means that I couldn't put a torque wrench on it to achieve the proper spec when installing the strut mount. Not a big deal since you know you're going to just crank it down until its tight.

2.) Spring perch is smaller on the replacement units. The stockers have a flange that is part of the strut that covers an angle of about 180 degress, while the new one is about 150 degrees. Again, not a big deal, however the lower spring insulator is used to locate the coil spring in the strut and the spring insulator does not align with the new struts. Plus the hole for the clip that locks the insulator down is missing.

3.) Biggest problem - the struts are about 1.5 inches longer! Wouldn't make a difference for vehicle performance, but when the spring is installed on the strut, the strut will expand to its maximum length, due to the spring pressure. This means when you go to install the unit back into the vehicle - the top contacts the body, and the lower end is too low to line up with the holes in the steering knuckle! You can't compress 1.5 inches by hand (at least I can't). I tried cheating with the spring compressor but there is no room to get it in there. I tried jacking under the strut but the control arm is in the way. Using a bar between the jack and the strut, placed at an angle only causes you to catch a bar in the chest when it pops back out at you.

So after several hours I put my old struts back in - It was still a battle, but this time I only had to make up a difference of about 0.5 inches.

Question #1 :
Am I missing something on the installation? My drive axle and CV boot were in the way. I lowered my control arm all the way down and it is still a royal PITA to get these struts in. Before I return these to rock auto, did I do something wrong? Has anyone experienced this? Does turning the steering wheel side to side help? Should I have the wheels turned a particular way?

I pulled an all nighter and my car is back together, but with the old struts. I may have cried a little....

Question #2:
What is the orientation of the upper spring perch? The Helms manual is cryptic. It says to locate the flat out from the centerline of the vehicle. This not the way it came off. On the strut that I did not mess with, the tab (thick part of the perch) is inboard....
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