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I stil think that a tranny cooler is the best idea. I understand you and your family have a wealth of experience in modding SC 3800'* but for the everyday user... Tranny coolers help, esp before modding.

I have read about to many tranny faiilures on this site. Its an inexpensive mod, I support it. But to each their own

good luck
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Alright, thanks everone, feeling welcome already!
dbtk2, thanks for the generous offer for the free pulley swap and auto tap run. I think I might take you up on that. It'll be great to pick your brain in person and see your rides, Could I convince you to take me for a ride in your GTP while I'm there?

Couple more questions, What other mods are needed to run a 3.25 pulley, and are there any problems with using two heat ranges colder plugs off the bat?

Scott, I've checked out your site several times before registering here. Good site. I'll definitly be ordering some stuff from intense soon. I'll keep in touch.

I have to tell you guys I'm kinda new to working on my own car if you can't tell alredy. I'm a printer and run large format printing presses, a Mitsubishi F-series 20x28 6-color w/coater. It'* about 65ft long 10ft wide an 7ft tall, Big machine, it'* sheet size is the size of coffetables going threw at 15,000per/hr with the precison of registering pin sized dots flawlessly as the sheet transfers threw grippers 27 times. Don't know if any of you have ever seen big printing press before but it still amazes me sometimes even though I've been doing this for 6 years. I'm the "young buck" of the shop who is 1st pressman on my 1.8mill baby Mitsu. My point is that I've learned a lot on on how to fix things on my press that breakdown, theres many highspeed moving parts, refridge systems, Chillers, lots of cams, gears, ect. I feel confident in tackling any of them. Point is that I've never really had the chance to work on cars. I'm ready to start with the SSEi now that I have some mechincal knowledge just not directly related to automotive. Never even changed a spark plug before. On my last car, the Aurora, I did put in some coil packs and a 80mm Throttle body and CAI, FSTB. Had A Corsa STS exhuast made to fit but had a hop install. Sounded GREAT!!! Going to look into one for the SSEi. I talked to the owner of Corsa several times, I set up a group buy for custom Aurora exhaust, He'* gotta have a 3800SC tuned muffler laying around, he had them at the Sema show. I did get my Aurora Dyno'd once, Tested out stock vs intake vs intake & 80mmTB. Gained like 16.7 hp at wheels. It was a fun learning experience. Looking for many more in the Silver SSEi. All I need is some directions and I'll have at it! I figure the pulley swap can't be that hard, I use bearing pullers at work all the time, Just need to see it done once and I got it.

Dropping off a roll of film of tomarrow full of pics of the new ride and system, Don't actually think I have any outside pics in that roll, All sound proofing/dampening and system building pics. I'll have a cardomain site up sometime next week.

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Let'* hear more about this 3800SC tuned muffler.
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dbtk2, thanks for the generous offer for the free pulley swap and auto tap run. I think I might take you up on that. It'll be great to pick your brain in person and see your rides, Could I convince you to take me for a ride in your GTP while I'm there?
I don't see the problem in going for a ride in the GTP, the problem...It'* my dads car. If he is there, he will probably have no problem with it though, he has done it before with no problem. The SSEi is my moms car. I am only 15 years old, but I have worked with my dad doing all of the mods on the SSEi and GTP, and I have actually done a few by myself before, so I know how to do all of them and have no problems, and my dad doesn't have a clue how to run the autotap so I have to run it while he is driving, the only difference between me and other members on here is I just don't have a GTP or SSEi for myself. I have done ~10 pulley swaps, probably the same amount of thermostats, and at least 10 spark plug and wire changes. I have done 1.9 rockers 2 times. I have done a LSD 2 times. But I have done basically every mod at least 1 time. I just don't want you to be discouraged because I am only 15, because I know what I am doing.

Couple more questions, What other mods are needed to run a 3.25 pulley, and are there any problems with using two heat ranges colder plugs off the bat?
To run a 3.25 pulley you will probably need rockers (or a cam) and headers, along with a colder t-stat, colder plugs, and some fuel management system. (ICCU or Mini-AFC)

There are no problems with using 2 heat range colder plugs off the bat, just if you aren't going to be getting on the gas a lot you will foul them easier than warmer plugs. But they will help prevent KR better than 1 range cooler or stock plugs, so as long as they don't foul out, they will be great. You just have to make sure you don't drive like a granny, which shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't think.

There are NO aftermarket exhausts available yet for the SSEi. You have to custom make your own exhaust, but there is really nothing wrong with the stock exhaust flow wise after the cat, just if you want it louder, or you get into serious modding. I have heard that Borla is working on releasing an exhaust soon, but I am not 100% sure on that.

The pulley swap is not that hard to do, but it is just confusing to work with the tool if you have never seen how it works before because it is kind of weird.

If you have any questions or problems let me know. If you decide you want to come to MI to get the pulley swap and autotap (and any other mods you want done), let me know and I will get you my address so you can get directions.
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Originally Posted by BadSSEi

Congratulations on your purchase!

My name is Scott Cook, and I am one of the guys behind many of the late Series II engine and transaxle components in existence today. Even now, I own the only SSEi to have ever run elevens (or even twelves).

I invite you check out our website at, and click on 'Performance Recipes' at the top of the page. I think you can learn a lot from all the time and money we've spent on research and development over the last several years.

Feel free to email me personally for any assistance you may need at [email protected].


a transaxle that will match the more publicized units
Not even close! Here are some of the details on what sets INTENSE transaxles apart from the others:

the best-limited slip available for the 4t65-e
Way off base again. The facts are that six of the seven fastest 3800-powered FWD 60 foot times in North America were done with INTENSE *: #1 (Uzoma Iwuagwu - 1.677), #2 (Ed Morad - 1.696), #4 (John Tsimaras - 1.719), #5 (Scott Murray - 1.726), #6 (Scott Cook - 1.727), and #7 (Jeff McClurg - 1.74.

Feel free to email with any specific questions you may have.

I will keep this short I was away or I would have posted much sooner. Scott first I do respect what you have done more so than most other builders. The limited slip information/opinion comes from your customers and C-ya customers. No big deal but because its on fastest car does not make it the best unit. Most GP owners will not break an intense or C-ya unit it comes down to ease of use and maintenance issues the future was the biggest issue mentioned.

I also believe from the post Taylor was looking for a good place for advise and 3800 performance uses many sources and has no vested interest in any one product while yourself and zzp tend to have a serious interest in your own product. Makes it hard to assume an unbiased opinion.

No insult Scott but the bias is an issue when researching and does not mean your product will not be purchased. I just figured 3800 was the best neutral because they have referred me to you and others when necessary and between you and me Scott I think that is a fairly big of them. So once again a good place to start is

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