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Default Update on my 94 bonnie just stopping for no reason

Hi everyone, I just thought I would give everyone an update into my little bonnie problem.

Just to recap, I have the 94 ssei that has several problems. First I started getting Service engine soon light, the boost would not go above 1-2 psi, than all of a sudden the car just started stalling for no reason, going down the freeway at any speed and all of a sudden the engine would just kill, I put it in nuetral and start it back up and it would go great again. This happens 1-2 maybe 3 times on a 20 mile ride.

Well after alot of feed back from all you guys I went to work, I really felt I had a bad fuel pump as at least one of my problems. I did some testing and determined that sometimes there was no fuel pressure at the fuel rail. I bought a new fuel pump and put in. NOW HERE IS A LITTLE HUMOR FOR YOU (None for me though). I installed the new fuel pump and now the car will not start at all. Whats going on here, did I get a defective new pump?? I noticed before I put the new pump in that there was a little difference from the old one to the new one, on the top of both pumps was a little tit sticking up, looked to me to be a pressure relief of some sort. The difference was in that the old pump had a little peice of metal inside this hole and the plastic was formed over to hold the metal in. The new pump had no metal inside and was not folded over on the top. I was going to envestigate this more before I put it in but a couple of hours went by and I got distracted, we needless to say I foregot about it and installed the pump.
So, I had a brain storm on the way home from work, I stopped at the Auto store and looked at another new one, it was the same as the first new one, No metal inside. Now I am really confused, as the parts guy is checking in the computer to see if I have the right pump for my car I happened to notice that there was a Black rubber cap over the output of the pump, exactly the same color as the pump itself, very hard to see when You dont have your glasses on. Well I started thinking, I dont remember removing any cap before I put my pump in....... Well you can figure out the rest, I am now an expert at removing gas tanks from 94 bonnies.

Anywa, after removing the plastic cap and reistalling everything I got the car to start and it seemed to be running fine, I took it for a test drive and I didnt think I was going to make it back home. The car was running terrable, it would kill every couple of seconds, start up and kill again, lights are coming on, feeling really weird shifting going on, and I noticed my driver information display was really freaking out on me,

I got back and tore the PCM out because everyone had said this was probably the problem to begin with. I took it all apart and only found one little spot, on the EPROM, when I took it out of its socket two of the pins had just a little green corrotion on it. I am an electronic engineer so I understand this stuff somewhat and this was not enough to concern me very much. I cleaned it the best I could, reseated the IC several times to make good contact with the socked and put everything back together. I plugged the PCM back in but left it laying on the floor so I could have easy access to it if I wantee to try something.

Well the car started up and runns good, the driver information display is stable again, It has not killed at all, although I have only test drove it a few times around the block.

However I still have the No Boost problem, I am not sure what is up with that. Oh also I replaced alot of vacuum lines because as I was hunting around in the engine compartment I found alot of cracked and bad hoses, this has helped in making the engine smooth out alot and also, before, my Performance shift and Normal shift lights were always both on, after replacing the vacuum lines this has been corrected, only one light comes on at a time.

Well I am making progress but not there yet, my journy continues.

Any help, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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I can't remember your old post. Did you try the boost control solenoid?
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