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Default Throttle Body

Ok, I'm trying to track down the reason for my lacking preformance (9 sec 0-60) and I was thinking of cleaning the TB. Now, how do I get it off to clean it, what do I use to clean it, and what do I need to be careful about???
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JR'* 3800 gave these instructions not too long ago.

throttle body cleaning, you don't really have to remove the throttlebody to give it a decent cleaning, but you will want to remove the MAF( Mass Air Flow ) Sensor, it will be a small looking black box on the throttle body, and it will have a 3 or 4 wire connector, you will not want to touch the wires on the sensor in any way, the sensor is super delicate... The reason you should remove it is because the throttle body cleaner can damage the sensor... To clean the throttle body you will need to remove the acordian tube duct that goes from the throttle body to the filter housing, after that you will need to carefully remove the MAF Screen, there will be a worm type clamp on the throttlebody, a good all should be ok to remove the clamp, but you will want to be careful when removing the MAF screen.. To clean the throttle body use Throttle body and intake cleaner( Made By STP )Sensor and plate coating safe, you can take a toothbrush and spray the inside of the throttle body while holding the throttle plate open, clean the throttle bore and the throttle plate with the toothbrush, spray the throttle bore and plate clean, once it looks good, reassemble everything and start the car, it may be a bit on the hard side to start but it will start... Let it idle for a bit to find its sweet spot, make sure everything has been put back in its proper place, once everything looks fine then its time for a test drive... Does this Help?
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yup, so what all would i have to do to remove the TB???
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First spray some throttle body cleaner in there (NOT Carb cleaner) and see how she does. I take my MAF sensor out as a precaution before doing so.

I just sprayed TB cleaner in there, had a buddy start the car and give it some revs while I sprayed some more. We did this till the can was empty and it helped out nicely.
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While it never hurts to do a little TB cleaning
now and again I've personally never seen a dirty
TB cause poor acceleration performance.

Stalling, rough/low idle and surging yes, but never
poor full throttle response.

I'd look else where myself, look for....

Air intake restrictions.
Exhaust system restrictions.
Is the throttle opening fully using pedal.
(Stretched throttle cable, binding throttle linkage)
Fuel pressure and flow volume.
Dirty fuel filter/injectors.
Ignition problems. (Basic tune-up items)
Fuel pressure regulator.
Sensors. MAF, TPS, Knock etc.
Ignition module and coils, ECM.
Low engine cylinder compression.
Worn/stretched timing chain & gears.
Worn cam shaft
Transmission wear causing slippage
Transmission torque converter problems

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OMG!! that maf screen is a total bitch to get out!!!!! i might be missing the point here, but couldn't u just spray the cleaner around the maf considering it is all blocked off like that???
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