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Default Is my AC WACK???

I have been pondering this question since I bought my car last year. It seems my AC doesn't work up to par, going down the highway it works pretty good, i mean it takes the edge off, but I have to leave it on AUTO, 60 degrees, and fan high all the time, unless it'* only about 80 degrees out, then I can turn it down a bit. But in town, that'* a diff. story, I might as well have my windows down. The R-12 is not low. The fan does't seem to blow out very hard, I can hear it speed up the five steps when I turn the fan speed up, but it doesn't blow out near as hard as my Grand Cherokee. If I still had my mullet from 1993, I don't even think it would blow it around. Any avenue would be greatly appreciated.

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Ok..first things first ADMIN/MOD please move to 92-99 or general

Bonne'* don't seem to freeze anyone out of their car on the really hot days. Sounds like your system is working. To really check it out we'd need you to take some temp readings at the vents and compare them to outdoors. I think either Nicks or Echo did this recently and found theirs is working pretty well although it doesn't feel superb.

Another thing to consider if your fan doesn't seem to be blowing good is cleaning the blower area out. There is an article in techinfo about cleaning. Remember **too much water and you'll flood out your passenger compartment***

That should clean any debris that might be blocking air flow.
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It was me that did this is the link to the thread.....
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I have the same prob with my 1992 SSE. The a/c will get as cold as 58 degrees but the airflow from the vents is weak. The weakest vent is the right side passenger vent. I always have to keep the blower motor on the highest setting around town and above 85 degrees even the highest setting does not cool the interior sufficiently. I did the evap core cleaning everyone recommended and it did not help at all. My blower motor is fine and there are no obstructions blocking the airflow. I do notice some air blowing out the bottom vents when the dash indicator shows that all air should be coming from the dash vents but I do not know if a little airflow from underneath is normal or not. I checked all my vacuum lines and they are fine too. Someone mentioned that the "exhaust vent gaskets" may need to be replaced but the book lists that as taking 8 hours worth of labor to rip the dash apart, replace the gaskets and then re-assemble. You gotta be kidding me.
It is my guess that it probably is those buried gaskets and that a lot of air is escaping into the dash and not coming out of the vents. I offered to pay my friend/mechanic for all his labor to change the gaskets for me but he said he would rather "stick pins in his eyes than rip my dash apart for something that MIGHT be a problem". Good luck and let me know if you find a solution. This seems to be a common problem for the early 90'* Bonnevilles.
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I have a 1992 Bonneville SE, The vent temps are best taken from the center vent. All this week i have been running with a thermometer in it, when the car is sitting still not running it got as hot as 110 degrees. I started the car with the A/C on and vent temps will go down to around 55 degrees at idle, once the car is rolling for a few minutes i get a vent temp of 42 degrees. The ambient temp here this week has been in the 90'* and humid as all H***. I started this summer off fresh, replaced a line that had broken, vacuumed the system for 1 hr, let the vacuum on for 20 minutes to see if it held. The system held 29HG for the amount of time, then i put in the specified amount of R134a, which was 2.4 lbs. The vacuum really does help, get rid of the moisture and air in the system. I would also like to say that a good set of gauges are a necessity.

I also need to clean the evaporator core, the vents have air flow, but not as strong as they should be.

Good luck,
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