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Default HOW MUCH TIME HAVE U GOT? im letting loose.....

the trunk pops open once in a while all by itself.
one night my alarm went off more than once and it wasnt set and noone was around to set it off. it went off the other day when i got in it and it wasnt even set.

i used to think it was the short i found in my glovebox light (which i fixed) but noooooo.

when i got the car it would sometimes pop out of park. i got the transmission place to at least fix that... for free no less. the previous owner purchased the tranny from someplace and had his cousin put it in. the receipt says it was the right one for the car.
when parked on a steep hill mycar wants to roll backwards a little... i know thats mot good! also now and then (perhaps when the fluid leaks low) the tranny slips. YIKES!

oh and theres that hideously loud marble rattling in my hubcap sound when i drive slowly (previously posted)

my anti lock brakes quit working after brother in law (boy non geneous) replaced the brake pads. (previously posted) i guess you get wheat you pay for!

a couple of times my radio went out or went nummy and i had to put all the equilizer buttons all the way down and back up to get the radio functioning again.

my tranny pans leaks like mad (gonna have to get on that gasket soon)
i may have put too much oil in my car the other day cuz now its all over the motor (on top near the valve covers.

i was having trouble cold starting it now and then and replaced the fuel filter, spark plugs and pcv valve. and that f^%en pcv valve took ten times longer and was ten times harder to replace than the fuel filter.. took me forever to even find it. Geeeesh
havent had the prob lately but it also hasnt been cold.

my oil was low as well and i think i put too much in and im hoping (harmlessly) that is the reason my car started smoking form around the oxygen sensor today. well i just noticed it today so it had to be recent.

my alternator draws so much power. i ad to have had it rebuilt once. some days the car is dead some days it fully charged at about 15 v. some days it fluctuates.

my driver seat (with all its 9 electric unctions) seems to have lost the best one, whicch is the seatback ony tilt. the motor humms/buzzes under y *** when i try to use it but if i kift my *** off of it and/ or give it a nudge, it will work. keeo in mind im 5'3 and not that heavy!

the back doors have gotten stuck, had to take them apart and oil the latches.

my driver door has a huge banging. clanking sound everytime i shut it. i think it has something to do with the seatbelt but that works fine.

my windows move at a snails pace (or slower)

my electric antenna had to be unplugged (by the previous owner). when plugged in it humms and whirs but nothing happens... needless to say i have the bent carwash antenna now.

my fog light was broken so i had to replace those. they actually work fine now that i stopped that one from aiming up at the sky.

i am missing one of the reflectors from the rear bumper and i cant believe how many of my friends harass me about that. think i have found one at the junk yard.

my dash insert pops out as i read someone elses does too. i tried the fix someone suggested but i guess i didnt bend the tabs out far enough.

the paint job has the splotchy fading.

my gf burned two cigarette holes, one in the visor and one on the floor next to the door. found a replacemtn visor but dont know how to disconnect the lights etc to swap them.
my car has the inflator option in the trunk but the previous owner didnt give me the kit that is supposed to go with it.

I COULD GO ON AND ON..... but i wont...
and the funny thing is that even with all this. i love the hell out of my silver/grey 90 SSE

ps- any help with anyhting on the list would be appreciated.
WHEW11 i feel so much better now.. thats for letting me rant.
: )

oh wait... one more thing. i feel cold air blowing through my driver door int the winter and the heater blows the majority of the heat to the passenger. thats messed up. and im a little relucttant to open up the door panel because of the extra speakers and the seat belt.
is it possible to check out the seatbelt canking without screwing it up?

ok, now thats all
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Ok, you asked for it. I just put the kids to bed and I'm divorced, so the wife can't bitch at me for staying up late. I have my beer handy, and your post printed out cuz it'* a NOVEL. You have more problems than fleas on an iraqi camel.

I'll take a crack at it the best I can. Some of the 97-91 guys can fill in the gaps:

Trunk: Your return (latch) spring in the latch assembly is either weak or gummed up. First desperate measure would be to spray some solvent or light oil in there and work, close, open close. If that doesn't work, you'll have to replace the latch assembly. The clip is a real bitch to get off the back of that key tumbler.

Your alarm is probably a similar problem. It'* probably one of the door switches gummed up. If it happens when it'* colder than freezing out, it can be ice on the latch assembly. Same thing as the trunk. Remove the door panels and lube the hell out of the latches. Not a gaurantee, but it'* the most likely.

Opening my second beer.

Transmission: Rolling backwards a couple inches on a steep hill is nothing to worry about. Don't sweat it until your car disappears one day. Then claim the insurance.
Be very careful about that fluid! You can (and probably already have) caused damage. Don't let it get low again, and replace that gasket as soon as possible. Change the filter while you're at it since the fluid level has been low at times. We'll talk you through the filter seal replacement when you're ready. It'* a bitch.

Your rattling marble. PROBABLY a hub/bearing assembly. But it could be a strut. Jack up the left front and get the wheel off the ground. Put the tranny in neutral after blocking the rear wheels, and spin the wheel. Shake the wheel in and out, up and down. Let us know what you find.

Anti-lock brakes: Make sure your brother-in-law didn't disconnect or damage the wheel speed sensor or harness. They're built in to the front hubs. It'* the only electrical harness down there.

Stereo: Sounds like normal for that age. Probably full of dust and crap. Pull the stereo out, open it up, and use canned air or a compressor to blow all the crap out.


Your oil leak is either from a fill cap missing or a pcv leak. Most likely. If that'* not it, you probably have a leaky rear valve cover. Not common, the seals are superior to a standard gasket. What'* your normal cold and warm oil pressure?

How much oil was too much? Where on the dipstick is it showing?

Your alternator problem could very well be a battery, but could be the alternator depending on how it was rebuilt. The voltage regulator is inside the alternator. At this point, if your battery is more than 3 years old, I'd replace both. A bad alternator can kill a battery lickety-split.

Opening another beer.

Your seatback tilt is a lubrication problem. Mine just started doing this. Need to pull the seat apart to fix that. Fun. NOT! I'll be doing this soon, so stand by.

You've oiled the latches on the back doors you need to do the front. Are the backs ok now?

When you have the front door panels off, you'll find your clankiing noise. Whatever it might be!

Your slow windows are tired regulators, but lube the ways and gears when you open the door panels to fix the clank and latches.

Your antenna mast can be replaced for $12. You'll have to drill some rivets out of the assembly to open it, and replace them with small bolts and nuts, but it'* a cheap fix. The nylon/cable thingy broke.

If you can't find a reflector for the rear, get ahold of Jr's3800 or myself. We'll get the part number for you.

Bend the tabs on your dash insert farther. The plastic pieces they snap into may be worn out. We can probably find that part number too.

On your visor, bite the bullet and cut and splice the wires. It'* the only way.

We can talk you through making the inflator hose. You can do this with parts from the auto parts store, but there'* a couple tricks to it. Post when you're ready!

The cold air blowing in your driver'* door is probably a torn or brittle vapor barrier. After you remove your door panels to fix everything else, seal up the leaks in the plastic seal with duct tape. Mine does it too. Next time I go in there, mine will get the same treatment.

Holy cow. We'll feel pretty damn good if we work through all these problems successfully! I'd suggest you pick your top 3 problems, and break them out in seperate posts. We'll whittle away at them with you!

Welcome to the forum!
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i never imagined thatt someone was going to try and help with all the problems! thanks.
about the inflator hose... a little confused about that. i have the inflater option in my trunk- so you can air up tires etc etc but i dont have the kit (ie: hoses etc) that was supposed to come with it. where would i get that and how much ?

its a beautiful day today to work on the car but as i am am obssessed NASCAR fan, i am inside watching the race.

i will also print out your reply and see what i can do. i think i will tacjle the driver door first since i notice that the most. as far as the tire and the marble rattle. i just had that damn thing off yesterday trying to figure that out. ill try it again too.

the oil is showing in the acceptable range now. im not sure yet as to the temp. the gauges are all well in the acceptable range there too.

i have oiled the trunk latch. you think a sticky latch explains why it pops open by itself?

so you think the motor is ok on hte antenna? maybe a little more detail on that would help. what rivets in what assembly?

thanks again for your help!!

ps- i too am divorced (well, happily divorced )

and have no one nagging at me about my compter time! but damn it i didnt think to drink the beers while i wrote that!
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Hey, no prob! I was just the least intimidated (because of the beer) by your scary post!

Anyone at an autoparts store can help you with the inflator hose. Just make sure you get the fittings that have the clamps on they don't have to be held on. At least on one end, preferably both. You may also need to put the valve stem extender on the utility outlet depending on the type of clamp you use. I can take a pic of what I'm talking about tomorrow if you like. I made my own.

I too am a die-hard NASCAR fan....which is why nobody saw me much today :P Bristol is always a good show.

A sticky or mis-adjusted latch could very well be your problem....

Keep in mind that I listed what I felt were the most likely causes of your problems. They are by no means a gaurantee! Just a place to start, logically chosen by our experiences here.

I'm betting the motor is fine on the antenna, but have someone else turn your stereo on and off for you while you feel and listen to it in the trunk (with the lid open)
before we take this one any further.

Now I'll have to admit that your post subject line and signature were somewhat provocative......I couldn't resist.
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