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Default fuel pump and lots of other questions <help please>

Hey everyone,
(1) Around how long does the pump tend to last once it gets week, I know there is no given time, but a ruff est. as everyone thatí* had one go bad to the point of they cant deal with it anymore.

(2) I am not doing this myself; I would replace head gaskets first in my old cougar (3. so how much should I expect to pay for this to be done?

The car was running fine after the plugs and such (took a trip to swest Louisiana on Tuesday and almost there (501 miles later) car starts acting up again! Still havenít installed the new fuel filter yet... the car made the trip back fine with a little cutting-missing when climbing hills as it started doing the day after I got it. I have ran so much fuel cleaner thru that car that I swear if it was anything in the lines or filter it should have melted by now <LOL> still getting around 25mog on the open highway running cruise at 80mph isnít too bad and I can live with that compared to the Maxima and the G35, the 300zx bets it still however, if you want to drive a tin shoe box on wheels that is!

Could this be an issue with my tps also? I know its weird as it donít always do it the same as it does at times, sometimes it misses on take off other times its fine, it almost always does it on the highway if your going up a hill it chugs a bit then will kick out of lock up and after the hill its back to the normal running, it seems to have a flat no power spot around 2700-3200 rpms is that normal for this car or is it the fact that my cars umm messed up right now? Also when in park if you rev the motor to say 3,000rpms it will do a pop sorta backfire from the exhaust. I am going to check the thermostat also as my car very seldom ever gets past the first line after the cold mark, but tends to run better when it does.

My inside lights are still freaking out, still no passenger side door lights and the dome lights still donít work unless turned on with the button, when you turn one on the drivers door light comes on dim, if you flip both of the dome lights on they both get dim and the drivers side door lights come on bright, my key lights in the doors are not working either, got to love those wonderful gremlins in the wires donít we! LOL

Also my taillight cover on the passenger side is broken along with the black plastic grills under it; I think someone said to remove the plastic cover and that black grill also? I am not sure, but it looks like after looking at the taillight that the black grill and plastic cover is all holding them into the housing right?

Thanks for any help

Donnie H.
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Question for you, when these problems arise, is it when the tank is 1/2 empty or below? Try filling it up, and see if the problem comes back.
When I dropped my tank, I changed that strainer, which was filthy. But, before, the car would stall, and hesitate, and cut in and out on the highway, when the tank got to 1/2 full and below. I also changed my fuel lines, and put a new filter on. I actually ran the filter backwards, since that is what the fuel flow seemed to be going on the thicker line. The car can go right to empty withouyt a problem. You could change the pump while you are at it, maybe even get a new tank, these tanks are known to rust out and smell. tanks are cheap, but pumps can be expensive.

Check your fuel pressure regulator, or did you do that already? Also, a fuel pressure test when the tank is full, and when the tank is 1/2 to empty would help determine the problem.
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