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Performance, Brainstorming & Tuning Talk about modifications, or anything else associated with performance enhancements. Have a new idea for performance/reliability? Post it here. No idea is stupid! (please use Detailing and Appearance for cosmetic ideas)

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I was pretty happy with my times. Kurt we, have pretty much the same mods so your time should be close, minus shift kit. DBKT2'* mothers 00 SSEi ran 14.6?? with more mods than me, plus rockers and plugs/wires and only a .10 faster. Ok bye me.
Those are fantastic times Taylor.

They are pretty much what I expected, perhaps better since you're carrying the extra weight of that killer sound system.

Kurt - your times seem a little low for having similar mods as us.

I can get to 95 mph in 14.5 sec. by crude stopwatch measurement.
Can hardly wait until next spring when I trial mine in the 1/8 mi.
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I couldn't hook up any traction, Stock RSA'* just weren't cutting it. Going to get a LSD now, proabably a C-ya racing one cause he'* local to me and charges $400 for installed. I'm suprised you think I'd be faster than your moms. I haven't autotaped my car yet, but I'm guessing that i have some KR, so her anti-KR mods are beating me, Rockers add like 15-20HP right?
Everyone at the track was having traction problems, the lite mist of rain right at start didn't help any either. There was 2fastGTP was there, running 12.6-8s was his best of the night, his PB was 12.4 I think he said. He had an Intense LSD and I watched one wheel burnout like mad and the other would sometimes spin. All the other guys with the C-ya LSD where getting 2 wheel burnouts everytime.
Anyways it was a fun time and got 7-runs, most where 14.9-15.0 One at 14.88 so I was kinda all over the place, I figure with some better practice launching I could get my times down some. What where your moms 60' times?
I don't think your car is faster than her car is, I just think that your car could easily beat the time she ran in her car, because her car has a LOT left in it. With a better launch, and staying on the gas until the 1/4 is over I am pretty sure I could pull a 14.2 or 14.3 with no problem at all in that car. For her best time she pulled a 2.299 60'. Its a little (by little I mean very little) better than yours, but not really enough to make a difference. My dad ran the car with my mom in it with him and it ran a 14.69, and he left the traction control on, which was giving the car MAD KR.

2fastGTP ran his best time at the track when you were there. His best is (I believe) 12.613 and he just ran it a few days ago, so it must've been when you were there. Him doing a 1 wheel burnout with the Intense LSD does not suprised me at all. If you don't know how to use the differential you will get a 1 wheel burnout almost every time. It is a LIMITED slip differential, not a locking differential, so you can't expect it to always have 2 wheeled burnouts. To get a 2 wheeled burnout you need to set the e-brake, nail the gas pretty hard to get the tire(*) spinning, and if only one is spinning you have to let off the gas until the other starts spinning, then you get back on the gas. But a lot of people don't know this, or have a hard time doing this, so they just get 1 wheeled burnouts all the time. Out of ~40 runs my dad has only ever gotten 2 1 wheeled burnouts. The 1st one was the first run he made with it, and the 2nd was at MGM when he didn't know only one was spinning. The guys with the c-ya differentials probably just knew what they were doing. The c-ya differential is a very good differential, and should work just as well as the intense, so I would go with that one if it were me since it is the cheapest and is basically the same thing I don't see any reason not to.

Congrats on the PB!

1990 Maroon Grand Prix STE McLaren 3.1 Intercooled Turbo, 14.695 @ 94.49 on 12psi before cam/heads/etc.
1990 Bright Red Grand Prix McLaren 3.1 Intercooled Turbo, 14.819 @ 92.72, 189whp
1999 Grand Prix GT 9.75:1|K&N|160 tstat|No Ubend/Cat/Res|UD Pulleys|Ported M90/TB/Heads|XPZ|2.55"|Pacesetters|Stage 2 I/C. 12.442 @ 112.78
2000 Blue Bonneville SSEi Supercharged Gutted Airbox|K&N|3.4"|1.9'*|WP Pulley|Custom DHP|180*stat|41932'*|No Cat. 14.681 @ 94.80
2002 Dark Cherry Grand Prix GTP Supercharged & Intercooled
12.084 @ 114.38 w/1.743 60', 315.6whp, Fastest Stock Cam M90 GTP!
NOW XP CAMMED, 340.6whp with XP, stock heads, Gen 3 M90, 11.984 @ 115.84 w/1.750 60'!
Most HP Stock Heads Gen 3 M90 GTP!
2004 Red Monte SS Supercharged K&N|3.4 Pulley|1.9'*|180*stat|41919 plugs|3" dp|No cat/ubend|DHP|Shift Kit. 14.2 @ 98
GOT BOOST??? Friends dont let friends drive stock!
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Like I said there was a lite mist of rain right before the track opened, I couldn't hook up at all. I bet I could of gotten better at launching but needed more runs to get the best. 2fastGTP was a real nice guy, did all his own mods. I only saw him do 1 1 wheel burnout, the second tire would spin just took extra second or two for it to break loose.

I do think I'm going to get the C-ya LSD soon, gotta live right? And there won't be any decals on my ride, not unless I get sponsered for something, highly unlikely, maybe stereo reasons. Stock sleepier on the outside for me. The last thing I want is to draw attention to my SSEi ans get my stereo stolen. I'd be pissed.

Whisky, I'm very curious to see what times you'll run, your mod list will be mine by spring Maybe I'll put $20 on it too.
2001 SSEi 13.731 @ 101.59--->PICS HERE <---
Performance--Intense PCM--2nd gen LSD--3rd gen Rockers 1.9 --#105lb springs--oil restriced pusrods--Intense shift kit--TEP CAI--ZZP mod 3.4/3.2 --IAT relocate--TOG silver ceramics--SLP CAT--o2 fake--160 stat--PRJ 10.4mm wires--Autolite 104'* @ .055--MAP TB heat shield
Apperance--Custom mesh grill--Cleared front and rear corners--Angle Eye'*--Silverstars 9006+9005+H3--PONTIAC 3rd break light overlay--Embrodered PONTIAC head rest wrap--Arrowhead inlays for front+rims+steering wheel--Zaino polish
Sound System--Alpine IVA-D300 7in TV--two 10W7s--JL amps 1000.1 & 450.4--MB Q'* 6.5in Comps--Optima yellow top--5 farad cap--lots of dynamat extreme--Custom install w/ plexi and mirrors--Sirius radio--compete in Sound Quality!!!

------PROTECTED BY VIPER!!!!!!!!!!------
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