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randman1 11-22-2005 08:54 PM

Look what I found
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A while back Boosty gave me a 128M memory stick for my camera. Before, I had to constantly delete pics to make room for new ones. Now, they kinda get lost. I found several pics I forgot I took and figured I'd share two of my favorites. :D

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:bwoohoo: Go Franky go!

BillBoost37 11-22-2005 08:55 PM

Franky needs a finishing....

Gumball 11-22-2005 08:56 PM

That looks so pretty in there :lol:

1993 SLE 11-22-2005 08:58 PM

its soooo beautiful......

pure hawtness

randman1 11-22-2005 09:02 PM

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It sure beats the old version. Note the high tech prop rod. And that rust! Uggg.

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JimmyFloyd 11-22-2005 09:05 PM

Psshhh.... L67 90 SSE... That's so last summer...

1993 SLE 11-22-2005 09:10 PM

get that SSE hood liner in there

Custom88 11-22-2005 09:10 PM

dang. it seems really odd to see a supercharged engine in a 1990 Bonneville. :lol: It looks good in there though! I'd build a CAI and heatshield for it though. that'd look even better. :)

BillBoost37 11-22-2005 09:12 PM

Gotta pulley...gotta finish!!!!

randman1 11-22-2005 09:19 PM

Yea, I still haven't found a decent hoodliner though. Both the original and the one on my parts car are pretty damn beat up.

You'd laugh, Custom. The filter is a loaner... not sure if Bill owns it or JimmyFloyd. There's a hole in the filter body where Bill had an IAT sensor. Mine is still in the accordion tube so I had to plug it with something for NEBF. I found that a tail light bulb fits tightly and worked well for a temp fix but it's still in there. :lol:

Since then, I've aquired a pipe and filter and have good intentions to install it but procrastination was won so far. I gotta fab a horizontal mounting bracket for the PCM so the CAI inclosure can be made.

Spring time project I guess.

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