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twinrotor 12-15-2008 02:10 PM

tuning options?
i have a 2000 bonne so far it has a ported front exhaust manifold, then straight pipe with no cat or resonator back to 2 flowmasters in place of the stock mufflers, cold air intake with the filter in the bumper, 180 t-stat and a basic tune. i have a buddy with a 97 gtp with a 2.76 pulley with supporting mods that has DHP tuner for his car. i would like to get my own tuning software for my car so i can tune myself and not have to wait for him. so far i have found HP tuners and tunercat pro when i have searched for tuning software. what do you guys use and how do you like it?

i am capable of tuning myself with out messing anything up i just need the proper tools to tune with. my other tunable motor is able to be tuned with a timing light and a screw driver.

crunkfrunk 12-15-2008 02:58 PM

I use DHP tuner, it isn't made anymore so you have to find someone with one and access to their forum which helps out a ton

i know a lot of guys use the HP Tuner too, i've heard it is more graphical and from what i have seen maybe a little easier to get started with

Danthurs 12-15-2008 08:43 PM

I have HP tuner, and I'm very happy with it.

twinrotor 12-20-2008 02:19 AM

ya ill probably be looking at getting the hp tuner here in about 2 weeks along with a 3.3 pully and hub. this forum is kinda slow there done seem like much going on here in the performance part.

Danthurs 12-20-2008 08:43 AM

What other MODs do you have to support a 3.3" pulley? It takes a lot to get to that point safely. I would suggest a 3.5", maybe a 3.4" if you have a few MODs. I'm running a 3.3" right now and I have 1.9:1 roller rockers, TOG headers, cold air intake, and a good tune. If you haven't taken care of the exhaust you will get a ton of KR and damage your enging.

theedgeofsanity 12-20-2008 08:41 PM

danthurs, can a HP Tuner be used on a 95?

Danthurs 12-20-2008 08:56 PM

No, 97+ Not sure what can be used for a 95. This place here, Sinister Performance, LLC. Deals with older cars. I have heard they are a first rate place and will do everything they can to get it right. They may be able to tell you what software can be used.

theedgeofsanity 12-20-2008 10:27 PM

ok, thanks....there's no pre-programmed chips or pcm's around that are good?

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