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ELMACHOGERACHO 06-29-2005 09:24 PM

Stroker kit
I am kind of thinkin about saving up for a big mod and i was wondering if any body has a stroker kit. i have looked at superchargers and turbos, and stroker was the cheapest. it would be a long ways off before i did it, but i was curious to see if its worth it.

PontiacDad 06-29-2005 09:49 PM

I think DrJay has a stroker in his car (plus a whole lot of other stuff ;) ), have a look in the vendors area for a link to his series one performance site.

A stroker is good for big bottom end but your limited in the higher rpm range, this may be a consideration when choosing. A turbo maybe more money but it is a teriffic power adder and is good for all rpm ranges with proper tunning ;)

macho_mike21 06-30-2005 01:03 AM

and it will be easier to bump up the power with the turbo, and you will not lose as much low end fuel economy as you will with a stroker kit.

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