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Allmachtige 10-12-2004 06:02 PM

12 things for Performance logs?
My Autotap can hold a list of up to 12 perameters at once on the PDA screen when logging data. Any recommendations for what these should be?

Damemorder 10-12-2004 06:05 PM

O2S (mV), Throttle %, VehSpeed, KR..

macho_mike21 10-12-2004 07:27 PM

is ther any way to see what your options are?

Allmachtige 10-13-2004 12:53 AM

Yeah I can pull up a list off all possible selections, but the list is HUGE since I have the GM enhanced perameters. Hence why I'm asking what 12 would be best. :wink:

BonneMeMN 10-13-2004 10:17 AM

TPS, O2, All KR functions, Vehicle Speed, RPM, TCC Lockup, Boost maybe? (dunno if you can) temperature, MAF values, Umm that's all I can think about without looking at my OBD stuff i got... I don't have anything OBD 2 specific, all OBD 1 or 1/2.

macho_mike21 10-14-2004 11:48 PM

IAT, anything temp related... MAP, MAF, IAC, O2, coolant temp, trans temp.

anything you know what it is.

Rogue 10-15-2004 10:14 AM

Engine Speed
Engine Coolant Temp
Vehicle Speed
Ignition Timing
MAF Frequency (Hz)
Knock Retard
Intake Air Temp
Long Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Short Term Fuel Trim Bank 1
Injector Pulse Width #1 (ms)
02 sensor Bank 1 Sensor 1 (mv)
Throttle Posistion Angle (%)

If you want boost, drop the fuel trims and add Manifold Absolute Pressure and Barometric Pressure. Then do ((MAP-BP)*.49) for boost/vacuum.

Allmachtige 10-15-2004 05:18 PM

Thanks, I'll start with those.

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