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PRD2BDF is on a distinguished road

Sheesh, FrankIcannotmakeupmymindonwhatIwanttobecalledtoday ,
It'* blalantly obivous the insurance companies like to sell you water and charge you whiskey.

I have a simple solution,
Move to Ohio where women control the weather and insurance are cheap.
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I only started driving daily at age 19 (still 19 now)... and I have a piece of **** in which to do it.

Remind Mick that he'* lucky that

1.) He gets an SSEi
2.) His insurance is STILL $900 a year cheaper than mine - and we're both occasional third drivers on 2 cars
3.) it'* an SSEi
4.) It'* a Bonneville
5.) It'* not this car in front:

The Civic'* plates... were the SSE'* old ones too

The fortunate thing is, this car has gotten a lot of things out of my system before they even got into it. I floored it once, it sucked, so never again. I don't speed, I drive for maximum mpg and have exceeded 3000rpm twice, ever. I play my music loud (as loud as the crappy stock TWO (!) speakers can go without humiliation), and I do a little handbraking in the snow.

If there'* any car that I dislike and if there'* any car that doesn't suit me, it'* this one. But it'* transportation, so I'll take it.
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bil is on a distinguished road

it may be a little extreme but why not fight fire with fire? that'* what my dad did with me. when i was 17 he had a 67 ford xl convertible that was 'his toy". it was very cool to borrow it on summer weekends to go cruising with my friends. he usually got it back with the radio cranked on one of those "$%%^% rock stations!" and on empty.

he finally started putting just enough gas in it to get where HE was going so everytime i borrowed it i had to put gas in it and set all the radio buttons on HIS stations and then disconnected the radio dial!

nothing was said directly but i got the hint. after that when i borrowed one of my parents vehicles, it came back gassed , usually washed and the radio set back...when i remembered!

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Maymybonnieliveforevr is on a distinguished road

Thanks for all your suggestions folks, Mick and I had a nice talk yesterday, I heard a few but.......ya I don't. The bottom line, when he got back from work yesterday at 10:38 pm, he walked our dog, then cleaned up the interior of the car, set all the controls back to what I consider normal, and filled up the car and left the receipt on the kitchen counter.
I totally understand the concept of pier pressure and being influenced by the environment around you, but ultimately You are responsible for your own actions. I find his friends in general are worse then he is and there parents let them get away with it. Not in this household baby.

Let'* see how long this new trend lasts.

PS. repinS you have a good head on your shoulder and I hope Mick turns out as well as you have. He hasn't heard from Sheridan or Humber yet but Sheridan is his first choice. I don't know whether I told you but he choose Mechanical.

Thanks again everyone

FrankIcannotmakeupmymindonwhatIwanttobecalledtoday ,
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