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ddalder 03-19-2009 12:40 PM

It's about time...
I'm not sure if this can apply to anyone (as opposed to just GDL holders) but this behaviour is just stupid and I'm glad the law provides for a little more bite!

Ont. teen faces $10K fine for driving 194 km/h

Purplehazeir 03-19-2009 12:44 PM

Wow...that would send a strong message! I'm pretty sure that a $10k fine would make me change my behavior for life!

GXP Venom 03-19-2009 12:59 PM

I hear you Darcy, and the bitch is, these things are totally out of control. Not just up there but here in the US as well. I hear alot of sports car enthusiasts bitching about alot of Canadian municipalities getting really drastic about modification laws. Sorry as I am to say it, I can see their point. Behavior like that is going to bring drastic actions and it affects us all. Kids without a clue on how to control themselves, or their vehicles at those speeds are killing and maiming innocent people. The Government will respond. I really worry these type laws will become enacted here as well by the swollen databases of sites like youtube filled by driving idiocy.

ddalder 03-19-2009 01:31 PM

I agree that we tend to be a little heavy on the legislation. Laws often come about from necessity due to people doing bad things or making poor choices. I don't believe that modification laws are the way to go (unless they establish a means to ensure mods are done safely and to a minimum quality standard).

There's a time and place for most things. People need to understand that publicly traveled roads are not built or maintained for this kind of driving behaviour. If a $10K fine is required, perhaps it'll finally start to get the message across. This is what a track is for.

As you say, YouTube is just sadly just one more confirmation about how common this type of behaviour really is.

BillBoost37 03-19-2009 01:37 PM

Sad part is while many folks mod to do this stuff, most cars are capable of what she was doing. Right around 120mph...

GXP Venom 03-19-2009 02:01 PM

And I by no means justify the legislation that comes from this behaviour, It is very similar to the same logic put on guns. It's not the guns that are responsible for killing people. It's the people. So ya, the heavy fines on offenders is a much better way to go about it.

Legislators are going to take all and easiest ways to make a show of things for a disgruntled public. And unfortunately for us folks that like to alter our vehicles, we are caught right in the middle of it.

tlsheff 03-19-2009 04:40 PM

aint i a stinker
If the kid was SOBER... i would say that that was outrageous and that a $10K fine would be way too much but being DRUNK!!!... practically wasted at those speeds... its in perfect order, and i think they should have the license taken til they are legally able to drink... something like that in the us and thats what would happen... the speed wouldnt be bad, only a couple hundred bux if sober but being drunk its only a matter of time before you kill yourself and/or someone else

that kind of driving and irresponsibility is what makes us oklahomans look bad hehe
still editing my not so legal clips for the entertainment of few, but rest assured the roads were blocked, the parking lots were empty, and it was done by semi-wannabe-professional drivers so it was ok hahaha

tlsheff 03-19-2009 04:52 PM

*bad bad* i know double post... but does it consider it a new post when you edit it???

just wanted to throw in my fav... speeding in texas, only 167mph.... OVER!!!

During its review of the CCR's successor, the CCX, BBC television program Top Gear reported that the Koenigsegg CCR holds the fastest speeding ticket in the United States, which allegedly occurred in May 2003 in Texas. It was supposedly 242 mph (389 km/h) in a 75-mph zone. The car was involved in the San Francisco to Miami Gumball 3000 Rally. The driver, Arthur Chirkinian, was arrested and the car towed. His co-driver paid his bail and they retrieved the car from impound. While trying to catch up to the other gumballers the driver noticed smoke from the engine and his oil pressure was low. He pulled over to find his oil cap had gone "missing" while it was impounded. Arthur Chirkinian hitched a ride to the local Volkswagen dealership where he purchased a brand new Volkswagen Beetle and drove it to where his CCR was parked. He filled the CCR back up with oil and took the oil cap off the Beetle and put it on the CCR as that is the only oil cap that would fit his car. He then took off in hopes of catching everyone else, leaving a brand new Beetle on the side of the road with the doors unlocked and the key still in it. He caught up to the pack later that night in New Orleans.
- wikipedia
Koenigsegg CCR

and i can vouch... some of the highways in west texas are so flat and straight you can see for miles! perfect for high speed runs... unfortunately the cops can see you comming for miles so it goes both ways lol

Razr89a 03-19-2009 06:30 PM

Although I didn't read all your guys comments (I skimmed), I think that speeding tickets should be increased, $500 for every five miles over the speed limit. No one in their right mind would speed. It would rake in a lot of cash for the departments too.

Danthurs 03-19-2009 06:37 PM

It's all about personal responsibility.

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