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J Wikoff 10-23-2007 09:16 PM

iPhone commercial
Has anyone else seen the iPhone commercial with the airline pilot claiming his plane was grounded for weather, so he whips out his iPhone and checks the weather. He sees the rain has passed and informs the tower and they clear them for take off?

What crap!! Do they really expect us to believe the iPhone can get better more up-to-date weather than the air traffic control tower? :lol:

Maybe I'm nuts, but I would hope the control towers can get good current weather info. If not, I'm never flying again.

Pontiholic 10-23-2007 09:50 PM

When I saw the comercial, the first thing I thought was, What is he doing with his cell phone on after they left the gate? They always tell us passengers that ALL CELL PHONES must be off once they leave the gate. Then on the second time I saw it, I noticed he said "after we turned off the engines and were waiting on the runway" he turned on his cell phone. I also laughed, thinking the same as you, since when would AT&T offer more accurate weather info than a control tower?
Next, we will see a space shuttle captain telling how he or she used their i-phone to call NASA phone lines after loosing their direct conection while on the dark side of the moon. Stating a catch phrase like "Yeah, i-phone reception is that good!" :roll:

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