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jwakamud 05-27-2006 02:26 PM

ebay makes me sad
so im just chillin over here on ebay. looking at automotive products. there are three different types of products:

Bulbs (which burn too hot usually)
Modified Air Intake (tornado crap versus systems that boast +HP and +MPG, all you have to do is take off your filter and put their product in its place - with no filter)
Speed Chips (nuff said)

and people buy this stuff. do you know why? Buyer Feedback is faked. a couple i looked at on these crappy products had one or two negative feedback with 10 or so successive positive feedbacks. example: "Slow shipper, useless product" followed by a dozen "GREAT SELLER EASY INSTALL WORKED GREAT" . . .. and one for the modified air intake said "useless. buy a tornado instead" - :roll:

yes i know, most of the products on ebay are good products, its a great forum for people to sell their stuff to people who need it, buyer beware, and all that jazz. but it makes me sad to see so many people getting taken advantage of, and they have no idea what theyre doing to their cars.

SSE14U24ME 05-27-2006 03:24 PM

It's a real shame that some people don't have the decency or character to make Ebay a great site. Now you have to question all sellers and it sucks when you get ripped off. I've only had a minor incident on there and never got our money back. My co-workers sister lost $2500 and the FBI had to be brought in.

I can't stand a damn thief!!

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