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Nytro67 07-12-2004 09:01 AM

Do you hate America?
this is a good Article by Bill O'reily of talking points. Something that everyone needs to be reminded of from time to time. I was shocked by these numbers, theres no reason for it. We dont have nuttin but love for those of you north of the border :cry: .

This article below is on the foxnews website from Bill O'reilly. Forgive him for being blunt at times. :roll:,2933,125165,00.html

Hating America.According to a new poll, 40 percent of Canadian teenagers think America is an evil country. Among French-Canadian teens, the number jumps to 64 percent. Those numbers can be laid right on the doorstep of the Canadian media and government
As you may know, the FOX News Channel is not allowed in Canada, but CNN is. Fair and balanced? You decide.
The USA takes a relentless pounding from many Canadian news organizations and from the liberal government. So, what can we expect from the kids? They're not getting a full picture. And neither is most of the world.
Increasingly, the bully America is being portrayed as the devil. And the far left in this country is gleefully piling on. Guys like Michael Moore are running around the world telling everybody what a bad place America is. Moore and his enablers should be very proud of themselves
For the benefit of the Canadian kids, let's take a look at the record:
•The foreign and defense policies of Ronald Reagan resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the freeing of approximately 122 million people in Eastern Europe.
• The state of Israel would cease to exist if not for American protection, and about 5.5 million Jews would be in grave danger.
• Nearly 23 million Taiwanese would be denied freedom if not for American protection. More than 48 million South Koreans would be living under a dictatorship if not for American protection. USA action led to the removal of the Serbian dictator Milosevic, who was responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of people in the Balkans.
• The USA and Britain removed the Iraqi dictator Hussein, who was responsible for the murders of hundreds of thousands of people in the Middle East. And we have also removed the terrorist Taliban government in Afghanistan.
• America is sending $15 billion to Africa to help victims of AIDS. We were unable to find out how much France contributes, if anything. To be fair, Canada sends $270 million, which is substantial.
• American action in Central America, Grenada, and Haiti has kept millions of people out of totalitarian regimes. Of course, all of this has cost every American taxpayer big. And thousands of American servicepeople have lost their lives protecting people overseas.

It is insulting and dishonest for Americans and Canadians and Europeans to condemn this country because they don't like certain policies. Dissent is good. Slander is unacceptable.
The truth is that the USA has freed more human beings in 230 years than the rest of the world combined. France has freed almost no one. Ditto Canada.
So, pardon me as I object to the Michael Moores of the world — and that man is too cowardly to come in here, all right? Pardon me as I object to the anti-American foreign press and bums like Chirac in France and Chretien in Canada.
America has a provable history of freeing oppressed people all over the world in fighting evil dictators. Canada should be ashamed that so many of its young people are flat out ignorant to the truth. And Americans should wise up and realize we are living in a changing world. Old friends are not necessarily true friends.

ssesc93 07-12-2004 09:07 AM

EDIT: HIDDEN RACISM gets on my nerves!!!!

BonnieBrougham 07-12-2004 09:14 AM

Oh dear :bluetwitch: that's disturbing...and i think it should be posted on the American Forums if it's not there already...

That's really scary...

--Christine :twitchyellow:

Damemorder 07-12-2004 09:16 AM

umm... I like canuks, I mean look at em, all cute and goofy...

Jim W 07-12-2004 09:36 AM

Oh please, like America gives at rats a$$ about Canadians...

We recognize the good that the US has done in the world, but the overwhelming negative actions in the global scale glosses over the good that is done. There is a definite portrayal as bullies. Not really a fair assessment, but ask anyone in the world and the US is regarded as a bully.

I would love to know where Bill O'Reilly gets his facts, like Michael Moore he is just another spin doctor with a vehicle to spread his word. Canadians in general are not hateful people and we give credit is given where credit is due, however America needs to do a lot to rebuild its PR in the eyes of the world.



Pardon me as I object to the anti-American foreign press and bums like Chirac in France and Chretien in Canada.
Chretien hasnt been Prime Minister for almost a year now....god dammit, do your homework Bill :x

Damemorder 07-12-2004 09:41 AM

*runs from the p/o'd admin*

Just for the record, I didn't have anything to do with it, they haven't let me vote yet...

Twister97 07-12-2004 09:45 AM

Thats a good article Nytro. Since the US has the strongest army we are going to get flak one way or another. If we never do anything then we would be considerd *kitty kats* but in our case we do standup for other people and a reputation for being considered bullies is strictly intact. Just seems like so many people like to create drama when everything is like usual. :?

BonnieBrougham 07-12-2004 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Damemorder
*runs from the p/o'd admin*

Just for the record, I didn't have anything to do with it, they haven't let me vote yet...

*runs with damemorder then hides behind him*

They let us vote this November, but they haven't given us anyone decent to vote for :roll:

--Christine :canada:

Jim W 07-12-2004 09:53 AM

As a superpower nation you have the economic influence to do a LOT of good in the global scale, with over 300 million people, there is so much potential for America to make an effort globally. O'Reilly points that out, AIDS support etc etc. There are times in history when America was called upon to assist in times of crisis. Oh maybe WWII, funny America didnt budge til the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour.

That was the last time America has won a war, you've won a LOT of battles, but lost wars. Instead of being rewarded for military conquests your being slandered for military failures.

Keep doing your good, the world recognizes that, but going against the wills of the UN, invading a nation based on flawed reports (albeit for good reason to remove Saddam) will hurt...

Anyway...I'm done for now

Twister97 07-12-2004 10:02 AM

WWII was the last official war the allies won since congress needs to declare war. I mean, the US could of lived up the hype of bullies and completely destroyed Iraq in a week, but everyone knew saddam was the problem. The U.N. is full of crap and is a worthless organization that sits on its ass all day watching TV. If you want a good group, go with NATO. Those boys kick ass and know whats good for the world right away instead of debating about it. But thats just my opinion from being an army brat living overseas.

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