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Stitch 08-15-2007 08:38 PM

9/11 taken apart
This might be hard for some to watch but it will get you thinking. If you're not open to a different look into 9/11, don't watch this video.

Jim W 08-15-2007 08:43 PM

I've got that vid, its called Loose Change. Pretty good, but I dunno, I'm gonna believe it was a terrorist attack. The US can invade or start wars with whoever they want, whenever they want, they dont need to fly planes into their own buildings etc.

Also, the part about Flight 93 in Cleveland etc, was just a clusterf**k of numbers and such...I dont buy it.

Its still a good video though

bonnie94ssei 08-16-2007 09:20 AM

A lot of things mentioned there do make you think more about it. The corruption of the government that this video suggests isn't really that unbelievable IMO. But I don't think the people involved in the video will ever know if they are correct. If this was some government cover-up, I'm sure someone on the inside would have leaked it by now, considering top secret information has been leaked before. But hypothetically, if the things suggested on the video were found to be true and the American people found out, all faith in the government would be lost (by those who choose to believe) and we'd be in a very bad situation as a country. Leaking this information would not be in ANYONE'S best interest.

gojo83 08-16-2007 08:18 PM

ppl look for conspricies on anything any more. It happened ppl died end of story. some ppl have way to much time on their hands.

Stitch 08-16-2007 08:57 PM

some people, like myself, don't believe everything they hear all the time. especially since there is so much evidence to back up what they are saying.. Just like the British news casters saying that tower 7 had fallen too. But you can clearly see that it is still standing. Until 20 mins later when they actually pulled it down.

Area 51 is no different. Tons of people say it doesn't exist. Yet on google earth you can zoom in right on it.

GonneVille 08-17-2007 03:42 AM


Originally Posted by Stitch
some people, like myself, don't believe everything they hear all the time. especially since there is so much evidence to back up what they are saying.. Just like the British news casters saying that tower 7 had fallen too. But you can clearly see that it is still standing. Until 20 mins later when they actually pulled it down.

Area 51 is no different. Tons of people say it doesn't exist. Yet on google earth you can zoom in right on it.

Use your common sense, research what they're saying, and read the officail report. Go back and watch the news reports. Learn about it before you take what these idiots are saying for anything worth listening to.
Every argument or theory they put forth is either prima facie absurd, twisted completely out of context, spun by eliminating certain information from the line of reasoning, or disproved by the physical eveidence they themselves show you in that piece of sh*t video.
The thermite bit alone should tell you they're idiots. THERMITE IS NOT AN EXPLOSIVE. It could not possibly be made to do what they claim it was solely responsible for. Watch the video. They show a beam that was cut at a straight-across angle with a very clean edge. Thermite, a powder made from a mixture of iron oxide(rust), powdered aluminum, and a few other ingredients, burns at an incredibly high temperature that can indeed melt and cut steel. But as it burns it become molten itself, and it would have run down the side of the beam, not cut straight sideways
Rigging those buildings for demolition would taken months, caused incredible amounts of noise and dust, and used many miles of specialized cables and explosive cords, not too mention requiring cutting through massive steel beams that are covered in concrete that would have to be jackhammered off first.

Use Occam's Razor. It states that the simplest explanation is most often true.
So, our government secretly rigged three building for demolition, without anyone the wiser, disappeared several hundred passengers and substituted different aircraft, specially built for the job when they didn't need to be, then crashed them into the buildings and then set off explosives, the cabling and cording for which miraculously escaped harm and functioned perfectly, then launched a missile at their own military headquarters for good measure? And then sat and did nothing to take advantage of the resulst for almost six months? All of this without a single official document leaking out, or a single guilty conscience coming forward with enough details to expose the whole thing?


A terrorist group took some flying lessons, hijacked a couple planes full of people that had "do not resist" drilled into their heads, and crashed the planes into the buildings?

GonneVille 08-17-2007 03:45 AM

BTW, Stitch, if you want to, I can sit down and go through the whole thing with you over the phone or IM and lay out every idiotic little theory they bring up. Seriously, PM me, and we'll set it up.

wjcollier07 08-17-2007 06:06 AM

I can very well agree with the point you have put across Brian, but explain this.

Why were the beams cut like that? Not the bullshit details of how, just why.

Why do several different shots of the same event show the same odd things happening, such as the flash? The "pod" thing really is not presented with enough evidence, but the flashes don't make sense.

Now, the pentagon, its got cameras EVERYWHERE, it is THE most secure building in the nation if not the WORLD. Why only some crappy, side shot 5 frame, bullshit wrongly timed gate surveillance video be all that the government can supply us? I'd REALLY like to know. This whole bullshit thing of the government telling us that they're not releasing the videos for public viewing for reasons of national security, fine, great. WHAT NATIONAL SECURITY? What can you POSSIBLY want to hide in that video? I'd like to see ANY plane just fly over that area, let alone approach it with loss of altitude. I mean, seriously. Does that make sense? Not only THAT, explain how there is NO evidence of any large plane hitting that building? I mean, I don't care WHO presents the evidence, I want to see TWO, HUGE ROLLS ROYCE ENGINES recovered from that wreckage. Then, and ONLY then will I believe that a huge jet airliner hit that building.

Flight 93: Yeah, its possible. Ok, but lets see ONE person who got a photo of the plane going down, or something to that effect. not gonna happen. small town, middle of nowhere. not enough population density for the odds that someone will have a camera handy. ok. now lets see some wreckage come out of there? planes dont turn to dust on impact. all that aluminum and plastic doesn't turn to dust. We're talking a huge jet airliner with TONS of aluminum, plastic, fabric of ALL sorts, PEOPLE, LUGGAGE, ENGINES, etc. I want to see the parts of this that WONT MELT IN AN OPEN FIRE SUCH AS THAT. People have GLASSES, they dont tend to completely melt, suitcases with buckles, wheel bearings, LANDING gear with SOLID steel, that is NOT going to melt. HUGE jet engines, not gonna melt, massive amounts of aluminum sheet metal, GLASS EVERYWHERE, the Flight 93 sight in Shanksville, PA provides absolutely NONE of this.

Now yes, theres the explanation of WHERE all those people went. I'd like to see UNEDITED, LIVE VERSIONS of the flight trackers monitoring those planes. If not the FAA, then some 3rd party has records of this. A good example? That site has tons of grapical records of the exact last traveled paths of certain planes. ALL PLANES IN UNITED STATES AIRSPACE.

Now I'm not blaming anyone for this, because of course, like everyone else, really doesn't know the ACTUAL truth of whos behind it. All I want is for PROOF of ONE SIDE or the OTHER, no propaganda bullshit, FACT, PHOTOS, VIDEOS, UNEDITED EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS. Can the mainstream media give me that? apparently not, because the only bullshit they want to feed us is what they've been told. Doesn't seem that there are alot of people in the mainstream journalism business that are interested in hearing both sides of the story. The reports i've seen with people defending the otherside, hell, you'd think those mainstream reporters were 5 years old and defending their own mothers! I'm not saying its THEY'RE fault per se, but maybe, as an extreme example of course, were told, they'd lose their jobs if they didn't report what they were told.

Beyond anything i've just said. I REALLY want to know how in all hell, BBC knew that WTC7 was going to fall, before its "purely accidental" fall. Then cut to someone STANDING in STRAIGHT VIEW OF THE DAMN THING reporting it having fell some time ago. Are you SERIOUS? I mean, how can ANY SANE PERSON DENY THAT? Come on now. Thats arguing grpahic evidence. Thats like having a murder caught on tape, have the murderer show is face clearly, state his name, home address, social security number, provide a set of finger prints with the video, have that evidence reported in court and have them say, we're not sure, so we'll have to let him go, "theres no hard evidence"

Planned demolition on at least tower 7. Don't know about 1 and 2. Can't prove that either way it seems. There are no buildings in the world just like them, so hard to test it again.

I see why mainstream opinion holds so strong to this...if the government DID do this, well WHY? Who can say. Sounds like some elaborate scheme made up by a 10 year old wanting to rule the world, yet extremely well planned and laid out. Made to look like a perfect disaster.

Even if you don't believe least consider, there are some things we can't explain in this world, and that you, or no other mainstream opinion can PROVE anything. Nothing has been proven. At all. And all the graphic evidence we DO have, points right at the government.

Now. Explain THAT. I don't want any propaganda bullshit excuses, I want proof, hard evidence and I want some people. I want to know where those people went. Because you can't just crash a plane in a field full of people and not find ONE person, one bodypart, one ANYTHING. Eh?

BillBoost37 08-17-2007 07:02 AM

Without having seen the video... but having read and seen some of the interesting things..

One should consider that when S happens.. there are many things that occur with it that may or may not be easy and logically explained.

Like the 2'nd f'n Northturd recived from the junkyard being so bad that it pumped the exhaust full of coolant and as the engine ran with only one cylinder skipping slightly we watched coolant POUR out of the cat to downpipe connection, rear manifold to down pipe connection and out the VERY very back where the Y pipe hooks to the two mufflers.

Now tell me... do you really think they tested that motor before they sent it to us for installation?

Some things in life will keep us guessing forever. At this point, it happened and all those people died and other events went into motion after that.

wjcollier07 08-17-2007 07:44 AM

Thank you bill. It doesn't take a genierous to figure that out...

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