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GarrettMixing 06-09-2009 05:24 PM

Trofeo series 2 l67 ?'s
pulling my l67 out of my 96 z34, putting it in a 92 olds tornado trofeo. Have ?'s

about putting it in and keeping all the driver info in the speedo cluster, Can I Put harness from body onto motor, wire the boost sel,. up~ then switch pcm and itll work right, ?

I just got the car sunday, already pulled motor, but left entire harness on car~ Trying to keep it all plug and play

Do the series 1 have diffrent poles for pcm then a series 2 ???

I have regular gauges, not digital, no nav, or dig. radio 92 tornado trofeo, just dig. driver info. display

motor and tranny are out of a 98 regal gs L67, pcm has been reworked

Plus, will it all work, driver info, speed~ etc with a pcm that has disabled security features

It is a fiero pcm from zzp~ and all remapped for the build

Any diagrams, exp., helpul, but i prefer diagrams, too many know it alls that havent done this yet, yet think they know how. not calling any one out, im new, but im not new to b.s.ers, and ive seen a couple people here that did this~ so please, feel free to share :)

Bonneman96 06-09-2009 06:03 PM

Welcome to the site.

GXP Venom 06-09-2009 06:45 PM

Welcome the BonnevilleForum Garret, quite a tech agressive project and I'll let some more experienced gearheads chime in on your swap. Thats way not my groove. You will find here that if we dont know, we say so. And when we see BS flying, we stop it. Either way, it's great to have someone familiar with these kind of projects aboard.

Toddster 06-25-2009 10:58 AM

Check out this web site:
Sinister Performance, LLC.

They can help you with the wiring.

Welcome to the forum!


BillBoost37 06-25-2009 01:21 PM

Your existing computer was not intended to run an Sc'd motor and the harness will have quite a few different connectors than the S2. This gives you two ways to look at it. You would make a patch cable from your existing harness on the motor (S2) to the firewall connector which puts all the wires in the right places and put your existing fiero pcm into the engine bay. This should operate all the gauges etc the same as it currently works.... with maybe a little research into the ohms etc for coolant temp and things of that nature needed.

The other would be to try and have Ryan (Sinister/GM Tuners) burn you a prom that could run the motor from your existing harness.

Either way, I think once you decide the way you would like to go, it should be an eaxy enough swap. BTW.. you may find holes on the body for the Bonneville style motor mount. If so, that should make things easy and quick to mount up the motor

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