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LittleHoov 08-10-2003 05:48 PM

crappy muffler
i think my stock muffler is goin out on me. its not rusting out or ne thing. it just sounds very craptacular. it rattles when you first start to rev it. then sounds farty. sounds to me like a good excuse for a new performance muffler.but i cant afford one and i dont really want my car being that loud. dont get me wrong they sound good. but i dont think a four door family sedan should sound like that regardless of how much booty it can haul.

Bigfunkytown 08-10-2003 06:25 PM

I use the Summit Turbo muffler myself. It can be a little raspy but I like it. At about 15.00 bucks US and 27.00 US shipped, it might be a worth while experiment to try. :wink:

Bassplayincrowe 08-10-2003 06:38 PM

It may be your cat that is rattling. Not the muffler. A new cat will fix that.

Note: Not a house cat.

Jim W 08-10-2003 08:20 PM

Eeewwww...and I don't even like cats all that much.

GO high flow...or tabby cat...either way, adds 10 HP :wink:

Bassplayincrowe 08-10-2003 10:35 PM

Becareful when you instal the tabbyl not to strech the fittings to much. You don't want an exhaust leak!

1992 trofeo 08-10-2003 10:48 PM

Make sure your Butt- welds are good'
(oh i Crack- myself up)

LittleHoov 08-10-2003 11:14 PM

you guys never cease to scare me

Jim W 08-10-2003 11:15 PM


That must be why you continue to come back :wink:

LittleHoov 08-10-2003 11:39 PM

true, and also this would be the only forum where the car gets some respect.

Jim W 08-10-2003 11:41 PM

Once you get your car hooked up nice, it will get respect. Either that, or I let the car do the talking for me.

Not to many people I know have a car as nice as mine (and its damn old too)

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