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Custom88 04-04-2004 08:00 PM

Pick my Color
I'm looking to repaint the RIviera in the spring since half of the car needs to be painted:
Hood-paint is pealing off
front bumper- crease from accident damage
front left/right fender-several stone chips
driver side quarter panel-half dolar sized paint chip that is now rusted
trunk-clear coat fading

These are the colors I am looking to paint it:

Ruby Red (in some light it looks like a ruby color, then in some light it looks black


PontiacDad 04-05-2004 02:39 AM

I would stay with the original. Too hard, too spendy to change the color. Any color than stock would look like you re painted it. My 2 cents?

MOS95B 04-05-2004 02:54 AM

Budget-wise I would stick with stock. But, if you got the money, the runy red is sharp!! And, as it appears to be darker, it probably wouldn't be that much more expensive.

Merlin 91/97 04-05-2004 06:25 AM

Paint it Black

My friend has a black Riv.... looks sweet. :D
Speaking of black cars, I saw a black Aurora.. woah... deadly looking. :)

Custom88 04-05-2004 10:20 AM

He said that if I wanted to change the color it wouldn't be much more, he'd just have to paint the door jambs in addition to the outside of the car. I wouldn't bother with under the hood, or under the trunk lid. The ruby red is close enough though that you probably wouldn't have to worry about it anyway.

The original color in direct light almost looks like a candy red. looks awesome with all the reflections. :P

Sol 04-05-2004 10:59 AM

Black is always a sweet color, but your original color is very nice too.

Jim W 04-05-2004 11:11 AM

Diamond white :D


Custom88 04-05-2004 12:00 PM


Originally Posted by Jim W
Diamond white :D


I love the white on the Aurora and on the Bonneville, but on the Riviera, a really light color makes the front end look like a dead fish. :? lol. It's one of those cars that need a dark color because of all the curves. 8)

Princess Jeanie 04-05-2004 12:57 PM

I'm really torn. I think that probably it's smartest to go with the original stock color, *but* if it's not that much more and it's pretty close anyways, that ruby red looks awesome!!! I'd do that.

BonneMeMN 04-05-2004 01:27 PM

Ruby red, I HATE flat colors, the more depth the better. Blacks are always too flat for my taste upclose. :wink:

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