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88bonnsse 09-06-2007 02:17 PM

need help removing window pillars
im trying to take off the 2 window pillars on each side of the car (my 95 se) so i can cover them in chrome. is there a special tool or something to take them off...? thanks

JimmyFloyd 09-06-2007 02:30 PM

They are difficult to get out. They are screwed in from the inside of the window channel. I just recently took a door apart, and that's the only piece i didn't take out.

When I was able to get to the screws, I had to take the door panel, window, and both bottom lower window trims out and then pull back the rubber channel that the window track rides in back to access the screws. It was a royal pain to do...

JimmyFloyd 09-06-2007 02:42 PM

Looking at this picture, you want to take off the part on the left upper part of the door next to the window I assume. The window trim I had to remove was the one at the bottom edge of the window, the black strip running along there, along with the one at the top of the door panel as seen in the second picture. You *Might* be able to remove the window track without removing those, but it'll be tight. THe track should just pull out once everything is removed and the screws can be gotten to easily. If you can wait til tomorrow evening, I can get you pictures of it as I have my old door at home.

88bonnsse 09-06-2007 11:19 PM


i need to take off he big thick black pillar on the right of the # 5 on the window.....not the one on the left of the window..

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