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Merlin 91/97 07-04-2003 10:21 AM

In Car Entertainment (PS2, XBOX, DVD, PC)
I was at a Sport Compact Autoshow last weekend.
I saw a lot of ricers there, but I also saw a lot of cool stuff.
(Pix will be on my website soon, for those of you who are interested)

It seems that everyone is going with LCDs and some type of DVD or gaming machine in there cars.

I'm trying to decide what type of system to put in...


Each have their pros and cons

+small profile
+lots of games
+DVD ready
-only 2 players
-unable to mod it very much

+lots of games
+able to mod it to download games and programs to it
+4 players
-little effort to get it DVD ready
-rather large system

+DVD ready
+GPS Navigation would be easily setup
-not that good for games
-would require custom or small case

I was wondering if anyone here has installed any of these systems?
And maybe some pics and what it cost to do it...

Any idea what to brand/model to use for LCD screens? I'm planning to install 3.
One in dash, and two in the head rests.

smellbird 07-04-2003 11:09 AM

I think that all that stuff is pretty much useless and also stupid to put in a car. Unless it goes in the back for the kiddos. They create too much of a distraction for the driver. For the type of money you spend for that stuff and to get it installed you could get a nice big TV and sound setup in your home. And it's just another temptation for thieves.
But it's your car, and you can do what you want. :wink:

Jim W 07-04-2003 11:51 AM

The one that appeals to me is the GPS. I'd think twice about a video game system. I'm sure the novelty will wear off really fast. I was considering head rest monitors for the next car, but without youngins....i dunno

Maybe find out how much its gonna cost...I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with 8)

96AZSSEi 07-04-2003 05:26 PM

I have a PS2 in my car but it's not permanent and neither is the monitor. I put it in the car when the family and I take our frequent trips to New Mexico. My wife and daugther watch it in the backseat. Oh boy 5 hours of Veggie Tales!!! :lol:

Merlin 91/97 07-04-2003 05:49 PM

I agree with what you say about having a home entertainment center first smellbird.... I already have one. :wink: Nice one with surround sound, dvd, dts and a 54" TV to cap it off. :) It's like a private movie theatre.

Back to the car...

I've found myself and my friends taking long and longer trips.

Last weekend I drove over 600kms.
The weekend before that I drove over 500kms.
And a few weeks before that I drove 1300kms in one weekend.
Long hauls..... and the passangers get bored after about 2 hours.

The mp3 deck means I never get bored of the music in the car. 10 Mp3 CDs = thousands of songs.

I don't think the DVD would be too distracting for me. I don't think I'd let them play games while I drove... that might be a bit much.

The GPS really has me thinking.... I've installed computers into cars before, no biggie, and a GPS unit is only like $120 (Cdn), plus the $40 adapter to link it to a laptop or PC. Most navigation stuff (like Clarion and Alpine) aren't availible in my area yet (anything east of Montreal). But MS Streets and Trips works in my area. Hrm....

As for the stuff looking tempting to thieves, my rear windows are tinted so it would be hard to see the LCDs in the headrests, and I would get the type of LCD that flips in/out for the dash. Also I have the Compustar 2 way alarm system on my car, so should anyone try to break in, I'd know about it via my remote (upto 2kms). Also I've got plenty of LEDs on the car to tell people that she's armed.

What I really need is what they had on the early 90s Batmobile..... "shields", and then the armored plating goes over the car. That would be wicked :D :D

CraZyDriVer868 07-06-2003 01:58 AM

i was actually thinking about that once...i found lcds for like 120 bucks...and i thought about puttin 2 on the back of each seat...and putting pc and xbox in...that would be really easy to install...but then i realize taht my friends arnt always gunan ride in the car...but then again long road trips would be my deck has a spot for it to hook up to to have the sound on the system...watchin dvd in surround sound in a bonnie...that LIFE!

Jim W 07-06-2003 02:24 AM

I saw some in-car entertainment systems that were kinda neat. The headrest idea is cool, albeit very expensive, the sunvisor monitor is a good illegal option. I prefer the dash mounted in-deck style that slides out and flips up. I also dig the ceiling mounted style.

Might do both in the new car...we'll see.

CraZyDriVer868 07-06-2003 02:31 AM

hey is there anyway to program a dvd or xbox onto the HUD...that would be cool...

Jim W 07-06-2003 03:55 AM


Cool idea...a bit distracting though no?

Merlin 91/97 07-06-2003 12:50 PM

Here's some pix from the event that got me thinking about gaming systems, nav systems and LCDs.

That is one awesome paint job.....

Ok, the 3 LCDs in the back is stupid for regular cars, but this is Alpine's Show Car
(also, notice the 3 huge amps, and the bottle of NOS)

I'm not sure why you'd want an LCD in your trunk by your NOS....

All the photos are here....

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