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93-SSE 02-13-2007 08:52 PM

Angel Eye LED...dead?
mmk, so yesterday morning i go out to start the car to get 'er all warmed up when im leaving. And i turn on the running lights and the angel's LED rings. Something made me decide to look, and one was not on...later when i got home i checked the connections everything seems fine. Both the Fog lights work. LEDs dont burn out do they?

bandit 02-13-2007 08:56 PM

This is the problem with LEDs on Cars.

The manufacture makes them to run on (lets just say) 13.8volts DC
But some but not all cars run higher then that, and if the resistor on the LED can not handle it , then LED will be over voltage and burn out.

I know i know our cars run higher then that and most other do also, but Hela might hae mested up and did a few wrong or something.

Or you just got some Bad LEDs

Or You cars Volts Spiked just for a bit and killed them :?

1993 SLE 02-13-2007 09:07 PM

Bandit.....please....LED's are used all the time on cars....your assumption is not Vaild with the backround on the HELLA LEDs.....and please dont make a Blanket statement, as i have Many LEDs and not have a problem in 2 years

i digress......

i killed 3 sets of LED's...i returned them to the store where i bought them 3 times

i thought it was the wiring, and then used HELLA's wiring that was supplied with the Lights

burnt out another one...... i got tired of that shit....and contacted HELLA directly.....

i found out that they had a bad bunch of LED's and they were switching to a supplier of the LED....they sent me a complete BRAND NEW set of lights....i have not had a problem with the LED's since

i recommend that you call HELLA or send an Email....they have AWESOME customer service

93-SSE 02-13-2007 09:10 PM


Thanks! 8)

bandit 02-13-2007 09:11 PM

Ummm Pat. If you DO NOT use the right resistor or you Volts go higher then the Resistor passes more Volts though and the LED burns on. iv done it before, its easy to do.

There are 1,000's of diffrent types of resistors and if the right one wasn't used and is lets just a bit to much though then the LED will burn out or will not last as long.

Far as the problem, Could just be a bad set.
Iv had LEDs burn out before, some just do, other do for some reason.

1993 SLE 02-13-2007 09:20 PM

Ryan......did you not READ what i wrote....

dont give me this resistor shit.....i have used homeade LEDS, and have not ever messed anything up......HELLA designes the product to be compatable, this is not some homemade hackjob....if you ever had the LED assembly from the Angel Eyes and rubber boot in your hand you would understand

.....when i emailed them and then called them I spoke with the guys in R&D at HELLA.....not some guy answering the phone....and they said they were having problems, and are moving to a different supplier of LED's its not a resistor/voltage problem

HELLA had a problem with a supplier end of story

BLACK94SSEi 02-13-2007 09:27 PM

WIthin the first week of installing my set on the 94 one of mine went. I just pulled it out and replaced the resistor. Still going.

ddalder 02-13-2007 09:42 PM

Okay, I'm not picking sides here because I think there are several good points. Not to get off topic, but...

LED's are successfully used in automotive applications, nowdays I'm sure as a standard in many lighting applications. LED's or Light Emitting Diodes are in fact a solid state device, not just a light as many people think. They have very specific electrical characteristics and are there are literally thousands which vary in operating voltage, optics, peak forward current, max steady current and max power dissipation to name but a few of the parameters. Like any other diode, they also permit current flow in one direction only (unlike a light bulb which can be put in a circuit regardless of polarity). In a properly engineered circuit can work well in automotive applications. This is not to suggest the products being discussed in this thread weren't well engineered. It is certainly possible that LED's weren't manufactured within spec and failed as a result. It is also possible that electrical noise or spikes played a role.

Everyone, don't go crazy here.

93-SSE 02-13-2007 09:44 PM

So LEDs can burn out...

I'm not sure where i heard that LEDs don't burn out but w/e... :lol:

i just emailed them, we'll see what happens from here...

thanks again

bandit 02-13-2007 09:47 PM


Originally Posted by 93-SSE
So LEDs can burn out...

I'm not sure where i heard that LEDs don't burn out but w/e... :lol:

i just emailed them, we'll see what happens from here...

thanks again

They can burn out if they are not getting the right Volts.

If someone sets LEDs up to run on 12volts and we all know cars are NOT 12volts, there around 13.8-14.5ish
Then they will burning out in time or right away. ;)

and for anyone that didn't know ro doesn't trust me... ;)

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