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jack71 10-29-2006 05:38 PM

Water Leak Found in the doe' -- how to "fix" it???
Hey folks,

Had the back floor fill up with water this weekend. I pulled the driver side door panel and discovered the common butyl-failed seal down at the bottom. The water is getting inside the door along the outside felt seal in the front by the side mirror.

I plan on fixing the water deflector tomorrow. Purchased extra thick windshield tape to accomplish this part. What should I do about the source of the leak? I know some water is supposed to flow thru the door, but I would still like to minimize it.

Thanks, Jack

markwb 10-29-2006 08:19 PM

The best you can do is re-seal the water deflector. I don't think there is any way to minimize water flow through the door.

Woody_02SilverSE 10-30-2006 08:47 PM

If you get a good seal on the deflector, you're covered. Look for the PDF file instructions posted in Common Problems.

There's large holes in the bottom of the door to drain it - designed to work that way (rather than have some sort of rubber seal around the window) I guess. Any water outside the deflector, doesn't matter. Granted it would minimize water coming in next time the deflector might come loose. I likewise noticed the gap the window strip has near the mirror and made a small cut with a utility knife so it tucks closer around the mirror plastic. That seems to be the only place water can get in the door, unlike the back doors.

hugger10 10-31-2006 10:20 PM

yeah I have the same problem, its designed to justlet it go through the door, hence it not being bare metal and the sealed window reg motor. I was told that you can get the butyl at napa so just go and get some and re-seal the plastic.

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