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Hans 10-02-2007 04:02 AM

Idler pulley failed....why?
It seems as if the L67's have a problem with this. I actually test drove an SSEi with the exact same problem about a year ago..... I thought it was odd how I was getting 19* of timing but not going anywhere fast......I guess it was finally time to bite the dust like many others out there.....

I guess its time to buy a new idler pulley and a new because the belt that was on there was only 3 weeks old. :roll: There was no sign of the failure, actually I was showing a friend the FWI just yesterday and no signs of failure.

Any ideas how to get the burnt rubber off my sc pulley?

BillBoost37 10-02-2007 07:18 AM

How many miles on that pulley?

I replaced all my pullies before heading to WCBF06 (remember how one was bad in your driveway? ) Things happen.. bearings can go. I'd check them all and once a month or more, listen to them for any signs of problems.

01BonneSC 10-02-2007 01:43 PM

A good way to check em is with a mechanics stethescope.... put it in your ears, put the probe on the bolts of each pully and listen for anything thats not a smooth bearing sound... I just replaced all my tensioner and idler pulleys, along with both belts. All I could hear was a lil belt squeek that went away with some silicone spray, but listening to each pulley with the stethescope told me a dif story. A cheap mans stethescope is as easy as using a screwdriver/ or pry bar and putting the handle to your ear, not a good as one you could buy, but you can hear if you have bearing "growl".

95seand78z28 10-03-2007 05:46 AM

I had the pulley to the left go shortly after Bill and I installed my MPS. I think the smaller belt puts more initial strain on the system. It ate a belt that was less than a week old when mine failed. Good news is since I replaced the bearings it's been fine...{knocks wood}

bonnie94ssei 10-03-2007 01:26 PM

I'd be surprised if you didn't hear any whining at idle with a bad pulley. I know one of mine is bad now, I can tell by the sound while idling. I had the same noise on my 94.

Allmachtige 10-03-2007 08:17 PM

I had that go on my 98. I tend to play music loud so I never heard it, but rather started to feel the supercharger hesitate a few days before it bricked.

Grimm 10-04-2007 12:42 PM

I had a funny one on my wife's Mountaineer. It had been squeeling for over a year, but only on wet days. I wasn't sure what it was, but thought it might be a pulley. Even in snow it wasn't bad, just rain. But it got to be audible all the time over the last few months during the winter. I finally investigated, and found it was the idler pulley (I could pry a screwdriver against it, and it would stop squeeling) and replaced it. Man that quiet was music to my ears when it was gone.

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