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1993bonnie 03-10-2007 07:24 PM

00 wrecked airbag help!!
Hi Im so sorry Ive neglected any have posted in almost a year but when i hoped out of my 93 Bonnie and got my 00 i havent had a problem to tell but until now........

I had a minor/major accident which isnt a biggie but my airbags deployed and i was wondering going to repair the car myself and was wondering where would the sensors be for the airbag deployment so i can replace so god forbid i get into another accident they would work once replacing them

TrueWildMan 03-10-2007 09:10 PM

I would seriously not recommend dealing with the airbags yourself. It would be wise to have someone certified to fix those. Any small oversight will be very dangerous if you install new ones.

PontiacDad 03-10-2007 09:21 PM

After the air bags are deployed I dont think you can fix them yourself. You need a tech 2 scanner and a gm service manual. Heres a start of whats needed.

Begin diagnosis of malfunctions with the SIR Diagnostic System Check. Perform the SIR Diagnostic System Check in order to verify the following:

The proper operation of the AIR BAG warning lamp
Communication with the SDM through the serial data line
The presence or absence of diagnostic trouble codes
Whether additional diagnosis is required and where the information resides

Not beginning with the SIR Diagnostic System Check could cause extended diagnostic time, incorrect diagnosis, and unneeded parts replacement.

Accident With Frontal Air Bag Deployment -- Component Replacement and Inspections

After a collision involving air bag deployment, replace the following components. If you detect any damage to the mounting points or mounting hardware, repair or replace the mounting points and mounting hardware as needed.

Inflatable restraint IP (inflator) module
Inflatable restraint steering wheel (inflator) module
Inflatable restraint sensing and diagnostic module (SDM) Located under the center console
Inflatable restraint side impact inflator module (seat air bag) if deploy

After a collision involving air bag deployment, inspect the Inflatable restraint steering wheel module coil and the coil wiring pigtail for melting, scorching, or other damage due to excessive heat. Perform this component inspection in addition to the inspections indicated above in Accident With or Without Air Bag Deployment. If you detect any damage, replace the component. If you detect any damage to the mounting points or mounting hardware, repair the component or replace the hardware as needed.

Sensor Replacement Guidelines
The SIR/side air bag sensor replacement policy requires replacing sensors in the area of accident damage. The area of accident damage is defined as the portion of the vehicle which is crushed, bent, or damaged due to a collision. For example, a moderate collision where the front of the vehicle impacts a tree. If the vehicle has an SIR sensor mounted forward of the radiator, it must be replaced.

Replace the sensor whether or not the air bags have deployed.
Replace the sensor even if it appears to be undamaged.

Sensor damage which is not visible, such as slight bending of the mounting bracket or cuts in the wire insulation, can cause improper operation of the SIR/side air bag sensing system. Do not try to determine whether the sensor is undamaged, replace the sensor. Also, if you follow a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) table and a malfunctioning sensor is indicated, replace the sensor.

kobrak 04-09-2007 09:33 PM

you can get the needed parts at
And install them. Then take it to a dealer for hookup:) I just did this on the Aurora I have:)

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